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Can I have your campsite recommendations please for the Paris region?

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giddykipper Sun 25-Oct-09 21:18:19

Within an hour or so of Paris and Disney, don't want to be on the doorstep but do want to be able to do day trips.

You're a knowledgeable lot, where should I be looking please?

Must have a swimming pool.


choppychopster Mon 26-Oct-09 15:46:41

Croix du vieux pont (also known as Berny Riviere) is always popular.

They run a coach to Disneyland and into Paris a couple of times a week to save you having to faff around with parking or getting the train.

Nice swimming pool with a couple of slides and cover for rainy days (this is northern France we're talking about grin)

Only stayed there for two nights en route to the south combined with obligatory daytrip to Disney, but the site has a very nice, relaxed atmosphere.

DanAtSiblu Tue 27-Oct-09 10:08:00

Message deleted

TspookyChasm Tue 27-Oct-09 10:51:27

We've been to Disneyland Paris twice (2008 & 2009) and stayed on sites nearby on sites both times.

First time we camped 4Vents here and it was lovely. Very clean and peaceful safe surroundings and a pool. It was such a relief to come back to in the evenings having been in Disney mayhem all day. An immaculate site set in a sort of mini orchard of trees which was unusual.

Second site we went to earlier this year did accept tents no problem but be stayed in one of the mobile homes they also have and was this one. Again I can't fault it. At this one there were lots of outdoor activities to do if you wished and walks to go on. It was another lovely setting and the activities (windsurfing/sailing) were only available if you wanted them and weren't pushed at you.

TspookyChasm Tue 27-Oct-09 10:53:16

Forgot to say both sites within a 15/20 minute drive from Disneyland which was very easy to reach on non busy roads.

giddykipper Tue 27-Oct-09 20:29:07

Thanks all, will look at all those. I knew you would come up with the goods grin

bigTillyMint Wed 28-Oct-09 16:47:23

Campix (I think) in a disused quarry, near to Parc Asterix and central Paris. It has pitches for 2 - 4 tents on different levels and is quite unusual. It has a pool and facilities were good. Very easy to drive to Asterix which is my fav theme park and also into Paris in August.

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