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Anyone been to chateau des ormes campsite?..

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Laylasmum Mon 13-Jun-05 19:57:02

We are going on saturday , have camped in france before but not this particular site. Just wondered if anyone has been !!

Milliways Mon 13-Jun-05 20:25:58

I haven't been to this site, but here is a good message board for discussing all french sites.


Trifle Tue 14-Jun-05 10:01:11

Yes, went a few years ago when ds was 9 months. Put me off camping for life really as it made me realise that squished into a freezing cold caravan, cheek by jowl to your neighbour and sampling the delights of the on-site restaurants who served nothing more than pizza and chips was really not for me. However, this campsite does have a fantastic reputation. We went in September and the pools were freezing but in better weather they should be great. We spent very little time on the site as there was nothing to do apart from swim which was too cold. We spent a bit of time cycling which we enjoyed and went to Mont St Michel which was lovely. We also went to Carnac (I think) anyway the place famous for its oysters which for me was heaven but you have to be into that kind of thing as literally every single restaurant served nothing by oysters and other seafood. I think you either love camping or you dont. I dont but if you've done this kind of thing before you will probably find the site as good as its reputation.

beachyhead Tue 14-Jun-05 10:05:01

We went but we were camping in our own little tent so we were in an area over by the lake, in some woods, which was great. My sister was in a mobile home in the 'suburbs' and although it was fine, it was a little impersonal, with no hedges etc between sites.....It is big and it does have water slides and a reasonable shop and childrens playground, but the size would put me off going again. Are you mobile homing or taking your own tent? or static tenting?

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