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Fire pits - what would you recommend?

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tinateaspoon Mon 28-Sep-09 20:40:48

We love having campfires, and as campsites which let you have fires on the ground are few and far between we are thinking about getting a small fire pit. We are finding it hard to find anything suitable - do any wise MN campers have any recommendations? The only thing I have found is a bucket bbq on legs which might be OK.

Are most campsites OK with them? We tend to visit small pitch-where-you-like, sites with basic facilities. I've had a quick read on UKCS only to find most people of the opinion that any naked flame is irresponsible and one spark could desimate a campsite shock- am I being foolish?

brightwell Mon 28-Sep-09 21:16:34

I use a bucket bbq, it's good heat source.

tinateaspoon Tue 29-Sep-09 19:17:21

Where did you get it and how much was it, if you dont mind me asking?

brightwell Tue 29-Sep-09 21:17:07

I got it last year in Sainsbury's, it was £3 in the sale. I saw some in B & Q last week, don't know how much they were, I think they were £10 pre sale.

tinateaspoon Wed 30-Sep-09 11:13:40

What a bargain, I will have a hunt and see what I can find - thanks. Do most campsites let you use it if it doesnt scorch the grass?

brightwell Wed 30-Sep-09 17:06:42

I use it as a bbq and then add bits of wood to keep it going...never had any issues about using it.

tinateaspoon Wed 30-Sep-09 20:14:27

Sounds perfect- still cant believe you got it for just £3 envy! Thanks again smile

cockles Fri 02-Oct-09 19:48:09

I got one from here
very battered after one outing, plus I knocked it over with log on it, but it would have worked otherwise! Legs & handle aren't hugely stable. B&Q and homebase have/do do them too.

Goober Fri 02-Oct-09 19:54:52

At our local campsite last week I saw a genius thing; The drum from an old washing machine used to hold the burning logs.

tinateaspoon Fri 02-Oct-09 21:03:01

I'll remember to salvage it when our machine packs tis a fab idea grin.

hettie Fri 09-Oct-09 21:51:20

I have found that eaither campsites allow fires or not tbh. So having a fire pit doesn't seem to help. Some will allow BBQ's but are very strict about these not becoming fires....

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