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Scottish campsite recommendations for Sept long weekend?

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runnervt Wed 16-Sep-09 15:37:52

Preferably within a couple of hours from Glasgow. Thought of Arran but I reckon it's too much to buy ferry tickets in case the weather is too bad. Also fancied Fife (somewhere near Elie) but wasn't convinced about the campsites I could find there.
Any thoughts?

Rossco Wed 16-Sep-09 15:39:56

We've got a nice one at Machrihanish near the Mull of Kintyre but might be a bit far?

runnervt Wed 16-Sep-09 15:48:13

Think that would be too far, but thanks anyway. I've not been there before and would love to go sometime.

Rossco Wed 16-Sep-09 15:55:36

Its a lovely bit of Scotland smile

emmcar Wed 16-Sep-09 15:59:46

Have been to Machrihanish too, lovely location, but quite a drive. Went to Loch Ken campsite in Dumfries + Galloway in August, nice quiet site on the loch with great rope swing over the water.

emmcar Wed 16-Sep-09 16:00:27

Forgot to say, was 2 hour drive from glasgow.

runnervt Wed 16-Sep-09 16:17:44

Loch Ken looks good. Were the midges not bad in August? I hoping that by the end of September we'll be safe.

I've found Portban which looks nice too. Has anyone been there?

runnervt Wed 16-Sep-09 16:21:10

hmm the AA route planner says 2hrs 44 mins to Portban and I'm guessing more on a Friday afternoon/evening.

Prunerz Wed 16-Sep-09 16:22:35

Camusdarach campsite is absolutely beautiful.
Up near Mallaig. Too far? Worth it, though.

runnervt Wed 16-Sep-09 16:38:02

Prunerz too far for this trip unfortunately. All the places that I'd really like to go to are up that way but I'll have to save them for another time.

TheBalladofGayTony Wed 16-Sep-09 16:50:00

ardgarton is lovely, you have to be a camping and caravaning member.

TheBalladofGayTony Wed 16-Sep-09 16:59:03

i love loch ken, dh is not so keen as the facillities can get a bit wiffy.

also the swing over the water is gone! but you can hire canoes and there is so mjuch to do round about.

runnervt Wed 16-Sep-09 21:50:41

TheBalladofGayTony Ardgartan looks good too but I think having to join the C&CC would be too much given the risk of bad weather forcing us to cancel!

raspberrytart Wed 16-Sep-09 23:14:32

Give the c&cc club a ring you may not have to be a member to stay.
Sandyhills is a great site but not sure how far from Glasgow

runnervt Thu 17-Sep-09 08:55:43

raspberrytart Sandyhills looks good. Route planner says just about 2 hours. Definitely on the list.

TheBalladofGayTony Thu 17-Sep-09 11:46:47

there is another campsite at ardgarton, forestry commision i think. looked ok (both campsites have the same name so we went there first when camping there. v. confusing)

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