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A question about the junior kampa bed...

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mightyevs Sat 05-Sep-09 14:01:31


I have found lots of helpful advice on this site for my first camping trip with my son who has just turned two. From reading some of the threads it seemed that the kampa junior bed is quite popular so I bought one for my little boy to sleep on. I was just wondering if I needed to use sheets with it(underneath him) or would he be ok just with the sleeping bag? (sounds a bit of a silly question now its written down!).

Thanks in advance!

chaosisawayoflife Sat 05-Sep-09 19:44:59

Not a silly question, and I guess it's down to personal choice. We use a single fitted sheet on ours, with a blanket folded underneath the sheet to give a little extra warmth. If your son uses a pillow I probably wouldn't bother, but if not I think a sheet is more comfortable to lie on than the plastic flock stuff.

BetsyBoop Sat 05-Sep-09 20:58:27

we have a fleece blanket inside the Kampa bed to cover the "mattress" bit. If it's warm then DS (22months) sleeps in his grobag, if it's colder then he's in his grobag inside a kids sleeping bag (we found it the best way to stop him "escaping" from the sleeping bag grin) He's always nice & warm in the mornings

I find it's always best to insulate any airbed on top, or they can be quite cold.

mightyevs Sun 06-Sep-09 17:55:22

Thank you! He does use a pillow so I think I'll put a fleece blanket over the mattress so it's nice and comfy. Which sleeping bag do you use? I was going to put him in fleece all in one inside a grobag (which he hasn't used in months!) and then a couple of blankets on top but do you think a sleeping bag would be better?

chaosisawayoflife Sun 06-Sep-09 20:39:15

We use a gro-bag, but my lo is only 15 months. She's pretty wriggly so didn't think she'd stay in a normal sleeping bag. We were on the Isle of Wight 3 weeks ago and the weather was pretty warm, a bit chilly at night. She was in pjs, a fleece all in one and a 2.5 tog gro-bag. She woke up a couple of times and I think it was because she was too hot. I was worried about her being too cold because I usually am when camping, but it didn't seem to be a problem.

BetsyBoop Sun 06-Sep-09 22:18:54

we use SunnCamp Junior Sleeping Bags, which have a built-in pillow. Also what we usually end up doing with DS is let him fall asleep in his pushchair in a grobag & then transfer him & zip him into his sleeping bag. He usually struggles to settle any other way (never a problem at home...)

3yo DD loves her Sunncamp sleeping bag, snuggles into it & is asleep in minutes

mightyevs Tue 08-Sep-09 13:27:50

Thank you both! I'm now armed with fleecy pjs, sleeping bag, gro bag and blankets just in case! Good tip about going out in the pushchair to sleep as I really don't think ds would fall asleep in the tent - he'd be too excited.
Now all I need to do is cut down the amount of stuff we're taking, I'm trying to go minimal but havce filled my spare room with stuff (blush)
Bromyard here we come!

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