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Camping with a two year old!

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Dominique07 Tue 01-Sep-09 19:15:14

Hi all,

I leave in the morning for one weeks camping with DS. No room in the car for a pushchair, just me, him, my mum and sister plus clothes, a very simple safe stove and tent. grin

Any words of wisdom or tips on camping with a toddler from all you experienced mumsnet campers?

I am aware its going to be a bit rainy but I doubt this will dampen our enthusiasm!

robino Tue 01-Sep-09 19:24:37

Don't try and enforce a bed time! Let him run until he drops. Have witnessed people trying to keep to routine and it generally ends in disaster. We went for a week with DD1 (2.5) and DD2 (1) in July, usual bed time somewhere between 6 and 7. First night - asleep at 10ish, night 2 at 9 ish, night 3 at 8.30ish, night 4 at 8ish (with a good nap during day too), night 5 asleep at 6.30 AND slept in nearly 2 hours later than normal grin. That was my best night's sleep since DD2 was born - it was fab.

Doozle Tue 01-Sep-09 19:40:02

Take earplugs. If other campers are up a bit late drinking and chatting, you still need to be able to get your sleep so you can get up early with your toddler in the morning.

Agree about the routine stuff from Robino.

Are you taking airbeds?

MamaMtundu Tue 01-Sep-09 19:51:26

Earplugs are also one of my camping essentials!

Even if it's sunny, wellies and waterproof trousers can be really useful at this time of year as grass can be really dewy in morning and it saves trousers/pajama bottoms getting wet when you let kids escape out of the tent first thing.

Bumpinthenight Tue 01-Sep-09 21:06:10

I third the no routine. Stresses you out and will stress him out.

Have fun!

Doozle Tue 01-Sep-09 21:35:47

Oh and take LOTS of warm clothes for night and sleeping time. It was soooo cold last weekend once the sun went down.

nappyzoneisback Tue 01-Sep-09 21:40:40

i am a routine monster - everyone takes the piss out of my enforced bedtimes for dc's around 7 - i learned on our recent camping trip in July the hard way - my 2.5 yr old will not stick to sleep routine on camping holiday. he was up till 10 pissign us off bouncing about the bedroom - all we wanted to do was sit outside and watch it get dark - all he wanted to do was do it also - we should have loosened up - fortunatly by 9.30 we realise this and started to see the funny side. Your week should be better now the nights are drawing in but dont expect miracles till its dicky dark. oh and have a fab time smile

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Tue 01-Sep-09 21:42:39

i agree with everything posted so far. we had a blast with our dd when we took her camping for first time aged 2. She just ran and ran in the fields and it was heaven for her. Now she is a camping addict aged 3! (we going camping today mama, its the weekend yet mama, i want to sleep in the big tent mama) grin

nappyzoneisback Tue 01-Sep-09 21:45:39

Yes it was the cheapest holiday ever and even dd age 6 recounted to the post office woman today how hilarious it was on there best holiday ever when 'me and my brother just bounced about our beds and wouldnt go to sleep' - yes hilarious dear hmm grin

Take an extra duvet/ blanket to chuck over him at night as it does get cold - and for yyou.

cockles Tue 01-Sep-09 21:47:08

What they said. Or pretend to go to bed with the little one and get up once asleep. If you can be bothered! I would bring something to occupy, if possible, those hideous early morning hours, as for us camping means both late nights and early mornings, with a long midday nap (drive to somewhere picturesque and read the papers). If you have a fussy eater, bring something you know he will eat but he might surprise you in the open air.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Tue 01-Sep-09 21:49:12

oh and no late night hot chocolate and marshmallows for him if you plan to get him to sleep at any time before you!

AmeliaR Tue 01-Sep-09 21:53:56

I'll 4th the no routine Took our little one camping when she was 6 months. Wasn't the easiest holiday but great fun nonetheless. Will be easier with a toddler. Have fun!!!

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