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WANTED - camp site near sandy beach and town!

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Orinoco Tue 31-May-05 21:24:04

Message withdrawn

Milliways Tue 31-May-05 21:28:57

Try this site. We have been to France 8 times with Haven, but not yet tried a British site. Why not cross the channel & get loads of sun & sea - usually cheaper than Britain as well!

Orinoco Tue 31-May-05 21:39:53

Message withdrawn

Janh Tue 31-May-05 21:40:49

Where do you live, Orinoco? How far do you want to travel?

Orinoco Tue 31-May-05 21:48:11

Message withdrawn

Orinoco Fri 03-Jun-05 20:19:18

Message withdrawn

calpopscalum Sat 04-Jun-05 15:59:45

We went to Brittany last year and satyed in baden in a gorgeous campsite called Mane Guernehue - it was fab and a short walk into the village (had arestaurant, butchers, bakers, PO etc). Not near a beach though but on Golfe de Morbihan so plenty of choiuce if you don't mind driving. We're off to Brittany again this year to le Guilvenec - Camping Vialllage la PLage which is right on the beach. Sounds like it's pretty near town too.

I'm sure there was 1 campsite in the French Life brochure which was close to a town centre and another one where you got the water taxi from the campsite to the town but I can't remeber where (probably not even FL knowing me!!) Why don't you pick where you want to go (UK or France) then scour the websites for a campsite with everything you want then book direct. Try click on a location at the top (anyone, such as 1Vendee1) down near the bottom of the drop down menu you'll find the message board - it's a fab discussion forum where you can post questions and someown will know the answer!

Hope this helps

calpopscalum Sat 04-Jun-05 16:00:50

not meant to be 1Vendee1 - don't knwo what I did there!!! Just vendee will do!!!

beetroot Sat 04-Jun-05 16:24:23

Message withdrawn

cupcakes Sat 04-Jun-05 16:30:50

Have just got back from Stiffkey in Norfolk - really lovely. You can walk to the sea but it is a trek across marshy ground. You can drive to Holkham or Wells-next-the-sea which are lovely sandy beaches.
Was recommended to me by another mumsnetter so feel I have to pass it on!
The village is small but nice and the facilities at the campsite are simple but all we wanted (showers and washing up sinks).

happymerryberries Sat 04-Jun-05 16:36:12

There is a nice campsite by the beach in Wells next the sea

cupcakes Sat 04-Jun-05 16:39:52

I forgot there was one there as well!
If anybody has any suggestions for campsites in Dorset or thereabouts I am eager to listen too!

happymerryberries Sat 04-Jun-05 17:02:55

We have just got back from Oakdean near Bournemouth which has excellent facilities but isn't near the beach.

beetroot Sat 04-Jun-05 17:06:51

Message withdrawn

lemonice Sat 04-Jun-05 17:32:33

This is a good family site in Dorset.WarehamForestTouristPark We camped so stayed in the free camping area which was very friendly in the evening with children playing together. Well organised and neat. You can never guarantee the noise level but we stayed in the Summer holiday and it was very family friendly. It isn't in walking distance of the beach or town but it is a good base for visiting Dorset.

lemonice Sat 04-Jun-05 17:42:09

I've just found a review of the Wareham Forest site and 4 others PracticalMotorHomeReviews

cupcakes Sat 04-Jun-05 18:54:27

thanks lemonice! Am going to read reviews now!

lucy5 Sat 04-Jun-05 19:06:09

Weymouth, dorset is a nice place, I think most of campsites are on the outskirts but shouldnt be further than about 20 mins drive to beach which in in the town or you could bus it.

Magscat Sat 04-Jun-05 19:12:45

Agree with Cupcake that Norfolk is gorgeus. We've just been staying in Happisburgh and spent a couple of days at *Sea Palling* (between Yarmouth & Cromer). Sea P has a caravan site that is about 300 yards from a great sandy beach and between the site & the beach there is a fantastic kids' playground & a pub that does food.

There's not much of a town there but depends what you want. If your kids are small and you want a quiet easy holiday it's great. If you want more entertainment close at hand, pehaps not.

PS - Nearby things to do include steam trains, boat trips, farm parks & Norwich is about 20 miles.

Orinoco Sat 04-Jun-05 21:25:00

Message withdrawn

ScrewballMuppet Sat 04-Jun-05 21:28:07

Troon in Ayrshire is lovely

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