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I am going to sew/patch up our tent - am I mad to be going camping on Monday?

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Mercedes Sat 29-Aug-09 10:59:16

The sleeping pod's ripped - 3 ins along one the side seams. When my dd and her friends decided to play escape from prison it was a bit too much for the tent. But we've managed to tape it up on both sides.

However what I'm really worried about is the dome bit of the tent (living space). There are 3 sets of poles that go through the sleeves and through 1 central loop that helps keep it up. When we put it up I heard this ripping sound and the central loop had ripped along 2 different seams. the rips are about 1 inch each. I was going to sew the loop back on to seam and then use the tent repair stuff again on both sides, Will this work and will it last 4 days. There's light rain forecast tues night and then heavy rain Thurs am.

We plan to get a new tent but won't have bought it by Monday - is is too big a risk?
I'm not an experienced camper so looking for advice.

delllie Sat 29-Aug-09 20:09:44

The front of our tent ripped during a 2 week holiday this year, due to it being very windy and one yank too much on the zip. We had to patch it up with duck tape and it lasted 5 days through some quite heavy rain, might be worth taking some duck tape along just in case

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