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MrsGokWantsalargeglassofwine Fri 28-Aug-09 13:00:31

does it take you to set up and take down your tent and the stuff in it?

It seemed to take us hours the first time and was a bit quicker the second time and other people round us just seemed to just start and then it was done.

Does anyone have any tips for packing to make things a bit quicker?

troutpout Fri 28-Aug-09 13:23:16

17 mins to pitch the tent (dh..not me) and then about another 40 mins to do bedrooms/living area/stove and table.

Striking camp is a lot longer. A good 2-3 hours to get everything back and packed in the car i would say.

troutpout Fri 28-Aug-09 13:26:50

You will get better/quicker the more you do it.

MollieO Fri 28-Aug-09 13:29:32

About 20 mins to pitch and 40 to strike. I am a minimalist camper through necessity but it certainly makes it easier.

MollieO Fri 28-Aug-09 13:30:24

Should add that these times include pitching tent and doing bedroom/stove/tables etc.

IUsedToBePeachy Fri 28-Aug-09 13:33:08

Completely set up? about 2.5 hours, that's everything down to clothes in rooms etc

we take down over a whole day (extend stay to cover it deliberately) so about 4 hours with lots of gaps for drinks etc

MrsGokWantsalargeglassofwine Fri 28-Aug-09 13:35:41

Cheers ladies, that's encouraging.

Any little secrets to make it all simpler?

MollieO Fri 28-Aug-09 13:39:01

If I had your size tent Peachy it would take me a couple of days grin.

To make it simpler - get a tiny tent!

bigTillyMint Fri 28-Aug-09 13:42:50

Probably about an hour to get tent up and ready and 2 hours to strike - sometimes longer if we are waiting for the tent to be dry before we pack it away!

IUsedToBePeachy Fri 28-Aug-09 14:28:30

I am not gettinga tiny tent LOL! With my 4 boys we'd all fall out after about an hour.....

big tent + big family = happy holidays!

Snorbs Fri 28-Aug-09 14:46:31

With me and my two DCs it takes us about an hour to pitch and an hour and a half to strike. If I did it all myself (ie, without the "help" of the kids) I could probably do it faster but I've found that if they're busy arranging sleeping bags or pulling pegs they're not bickering with each other grin

MollieO Fri 28-Aug-09 15:04:04

Peachy - the tiny tent comment was for Mrs Gok on how she could make it simpler grin

MrsGokWantsalargeglassofwine Fri 28-Aug-09 15:19:29

grin My comment would be the same as Peachy's grin With 3 boys it is needed.

While we were in Cornwall we had several of my family come to visit us and it was great being able to entertain, 8 of us in the tent and it wasn't squashed at all.

TheDMshouldbeRivened Fri 28-Aug-09 15:22:08

bout an hour to pitch, guy and get everything out.
I have a 'kitchen' rucksack, a sleeping stuff rucksack and a 'other camping things rucksack' for packing.
Packing up takes longer cos there's all that swearing and cursing trying to get the tent back into its bag grin

TheDMshouldbeRivened Fri 28-Aug-09 15:23:32

get a Bell Tent grin
15 mins to pitch, if that.

Slubberdegullion Fri 28-Aug-09 16:28:40

Oh blimey, well the pyramide takes 20 mins to pitch, but if we are doing a full throttle holiday, with the utility tent and all the boxes um probably and hour and a half. More like 2 to strike. I HATE packing up especially the very last bit of wiping all the worm turds off the bottom of the SIG (...must get a footprint)

But with the new outwell pop ups and the single box of minimalism

10 mins (max) pitch and beds all set up, breakfast bars & water bottles in the little pockets in the tent and clean pants laid out for the next morning. I do love my new pop ups.

Celia2 Fri 28-Aug-09 16:38:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IUsedToBePeachy Sat 29-Aug-09 09:26:10

Slubber ae the pop ups good? getting one next year as an easy way to create an extra bedroom by putting up in the tent for ds1.

Breakfast on strike day? We do croissants, though the site we are cnsidering next year does a board arrangement where you can camp nd get breakfasts provided- excellent

MrsGokWantstogocampingagain Sat 29-Aug-09 09:34:26

Ooh! which site is that Peachy? Though love the idea of croissants grin

IUsedToBePeachy Sat 29-Aug-09 09:42:27

IoW, whitecliff bay (ds4 will be 2.4 so will adore a beach holiday next year- this year we took him at Whitsun and he just tried toe at the sand LOL!)

We do croissants or pain au chocolat every other day when camping. We don't do cerreal (too many forms of food intolerance here so too damn complex) and it makes for a nice change from bacon sarnies

MrsGokWantstogocampingagain Sat 29-Aug-09 11:23:39

Will have a look at that, thanks.

My DS2 is gluten intollerant so we buy Dove's Farm Chocolate Stars or Mesa Sunrise, he loves both. When we have croissants he has the Free From Sweet Breakfast Rolls, trouble is they cost a bomb, so we don't have them often.

IUsedToBePeachy Sat 29-Aug-09 17:30:30

Ah MrsGok, we ahve gluten free here also

DS4 has either an egg (he has egg every day at home) or a GF cereal bar with fruit.

He also loves macaroons so as a holiday treat I might let him have 2 sometimes LOL (the Mrs Crimble ones)

MrsGokWantstogocampingagain Sat 29-Aug-09 17:37:30

Oooh!! everyone here loves the Mrs Crimble Peanut ones grin

IUsedToBePeachy Sat 29-Aug-09 17:38:34

Her bread is the best as well (the mix)

big fans grin

MrsGokWantstogocampingagain Sat 29-Aug-09 22:20:42

Haven't found that one yet. Will have to look out for it.

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