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Need a strong, but light reasonably priced 5 man tent

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bensmum3 Mon 30-May-05 21:46:07

Any suggestions please ?

Libb Mon 30-May-05 21:49:30

I have one you can borrow - I am in Cambs/Suffolk. It has a posh porch and all that jazz.

Libb Mon 30-May-05 21:50:07

It was a little excessive for Glastonbury but we never lost it once!

bensmum3 Mon 30-May-05 23:49:13

That's very kind of you Libb, but I was really wanting to buy one as dd is keen to do camping in the garden this year , and we are hoping to do a couple of weekends away.What make/ style is yours please?

hunkermunker Mon 30-May-05 23:49:52

SallyStrawberry's the girl to ask about tents

sallystrawberry Tue 31-May-05 00:01:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hunkermunker Tue 31-May-05 00:01:50

I knew it would be right up your street, SS - you didn't disappoint

Gobbledigook Tue 31-May-05 00:10:32

She couldn't resist it!

sallystrawberry Tue 31-May-05 00:12:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vwvic Tue 31-May-05 00:18:12

Got to be Halfords. We got a 5 man tent from there last year for about £70. It's a Gelert Cadiz 5, and it's exactly the same as a much more expensively priced vango one, only without the name label. It's fab! We've used ours loads, and it's never leaked or caused us any problems. This includes camping during a storm in Mid Wales in October- we were all toasty warm and snug.

bensmum3 Tue 31-May-05 20:02:08

Thankyou, I'm off to look at Argos, Outdoor megastore and halfords

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