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Camping Mar Estang - dare I book it?????

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ladyblahblah Wed 26-Aug-09 21:53:48

Hi Ladies

Thinking of booking a mobile home at camping mar estang in Canet Plage...liking the area as have been there before.

But, has anyone been to this campsite before? Would really really appreciate frank and honest reviews! wink

Also, can you tell me which company you rented your mobile home from and your thoughts....don't fancy Keycamp as had horrific experience with them before, but are fancying O'Hara Vacances.

Anyway - any info would be fantabulous!!


fatzak Sat 29-Aug-09 09:29:50

I've been - I wouldn't recommend it as a family holiday to be honest!! I went as a teenager with my parents and was in my element but can't imagine they were and then went back when I used it as a cheap base when I was looking for a summer job in France. Lots of drunken singles if I remember correctly - it may well be different now, but in those days it was certainly a bit of a cattle market!!

ladyblahblah Wed 02-Sep-09 16:33:43

Oooo nooo! Thanks for your comments...VERY much appreciated!

I was looking to book it for us and our kids (14, 13 & 11) which means they might at least enjoy it - obvlivious of single-ton going ons!

Will have a think!

Cheers xx

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