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We've just bought a volkswagen camper van - need tips!

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tigermoth Mon 30-May-05 09:40:51

It's a 1976 Devon convertable with kitchen, bunk beds and tent. I've always wanted one. Very excited

Lots of questions - never driven it yet. How hard are these campers to drive and park?

Where can we go? we live in SE London, anyone know of any good campsites in Kent or Sussex?
Actually, anywhere, come to that

Any camper experiences you'd care to share? will dh and I have fun? will our sons ( nearly 6 and 11) have fun?

Oh yes, seatbelts - not legally necessary for the rear passengers, but we should get them fitted - any advice on this?

cod Mon 30-May-05 09:41:16

Message withdrawn

astonished Mon 30-May-05 09:42:51

am very jealous can I be incredibly rude and ask how much it cost??

tigermoth Mon 30-May-05 09:44:08

do you mean West Wittering and that area? never been there, tend to go to Camber Sands, but I've heard WW is beautiful.

tigermoth Mon 30-May-05 09:45:42

atonished, it cost £3,300, with spares. It's had one owner since new and is in very good condition (or so we hope!).

GRMUM Mon 30-May-05 09:59:18

Ooo I am very I've always wanted to get a camper van. The only piece of advice I can give that people always mention is to take bikes too so that you don't have to move around in the van whenever you want anything from shops etc and possibly lose you place at camp site? Don't know if this is of any use.

Anyway enjoy!

nutcracker Mon 30-May-05 10:01:08

Oh my dp will be very too.

charliecat Mon 30-May-05 10:13:14

Have you got a piccy dp is green

tigermoth Mon 30-May-05 10:16:54

taking bikes, thanks - that's a good tip, especially for oldest ds. Note to self - must ge good bike locks.

My dh is very happy but at the moment he is the only one who can drive the camper, so that's a bit of a downer. I have driven a people mover on holiday and used to have a volvo estate, but dh thinks I'll find it scary to drive the camper. Tells me to have a go, though. Apparently you have to hit the brakes very hard in order to stop and moving the gear stick is like stirring custard.

I am sure I'll be ok eventually - won't risk dribving it on streets though. Will try to practise in a deserted bit of waste ground somewhere. Anyone here driven a camper like this?

tigermoth Mon 30-May-05 10:17:53

charliecat, I can't do pics yet - must get the hang of it sometime.

charliecat Mon 30-May-05 18:07:38

Ok...when you do please show us! There was a vw for 13.000 in our local rag the other day...

CountessDracula Mon 30-May-05 18:08:41

oh I am jealous too, we always had one when we were growing up, they are such fun. DH won't have one but am working on him...

deegward Mon 30-May-05 18:13:59

tigermoth, we had one of these when we were children, and we went on hols every Easter summer and october holidays. Memorable moments, snow on the beach in the North of Scotland at Easter and my bro and I still sleeping in the bunks in the expandable roof. Sleeping with all our clothes on - including hats - cause it was so cold.

Sweating in the same roof space in France as sooo hot. oooh the lovely memories

No really your kids will love it.

KBear Mon 30-May-05 18:14:33

Me and the bears want one and DH and I went to a showroom today (for a laugh) to have a look. Anyone got £26,500 they can send me because that's how much the new one is that we had our eye on! I think we will setting our budget at under five grand though!!

My parents had a camper when we were growing up. It was fantastic. We'd go up to Scotland every year - taking a couple days to get there, stopping wherever we liked. Anyone hungry, dad would pull in a lay-by and mum would make bacon sarnies and cups of tea. Perfect family holiday IMO which is why I want the same fun for my kids.

Tigermoth, we are in SE London, got room from the Kbears?

Janh Mon 30-May-05 18:19:06

Oooh, I remember the first time I drove one of these, though not a camper, just a minibus - your seat is ahead of (or just on top of) the front wheels so you you have to steer differently, otherwise you go over kerbs and people's toes . I think that was the only main difficulty though. (It was somebody else's and I don't remember parking it.)

Your boys will love it, tm, campervans are like wendy houses on wheels, kids are drawn to them! You will have some great trips

CountessDracula Tue 31-May-05 18:25:01

KBear is the new one out yet?

tigermoth Wed 01-Jun-05 13:27:22

more food for thought - thanks!
We've got to sort out the spares and get the fridge working before we go anywhere, and there's a big festival happening in Greenwich Park this Saturday, so we'll stick arounf for that. Itching to go out and sleep overnight in it, though.

NTL have messed up our phone line, so I have no computer access at home for a little while, but will check back soon.

Lovely to hear your camper experiences!

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