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What's your best space saving tip?

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babyOcho Mon 24-Aug-09 22:05:14

We have quite a big car and it's only DP, DD and I. But we still seem to have to much stuff.

What's your best space saving tips?

Flutterbye Mon 24-Aug-09 22:34:10

Live off take-outs, costs a fortune, but saves on all the cooking/eating paraphernalia!

Goober Mon 24-Aug-09 22:38:46

Sell the tent. Buy a caravan.

supersalstrawberry Mon 24-Aug-09 22:39:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

supersalstrawberry Mon 24-Aug-09 22:40:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Mon 24-Aug-09 22:41:48

<snort> Sal has beaten me to it with that suggestion.

Honestly, I can never quite believe how much space DH takes up in a tent.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Mon 24-Aug-09 22:42:44

Sorry, suppose I should be serious. What are you taking? Only you can decide whether it's truly necessary.

supersalstrawberry Mon 24-Aug-09 22:48:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Mon 24-Aug-09 23:01:45


We've done our camping for htis year. Can't get DH to contemplate it again. though yes, it was bloomin freezin where we were last week and I've got a three season bag. alcohol doesnt help temperature apparently

supersalstrawberry Mon 24-Aug-09 23:24:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Overmydeadbody Tue 25-Aug-09 07:53:54

Don't take so much stuff.

Embrace minimalist camping.

Slubberdegullion Tue 25-Aug-09 09:07:20

lol OMDB

microfibre towels

Lay out all the clothes you are going to take. Remove half of them and put them back in the drawers. Take away 6 more items of clothing and put those away. Put away that dress and the pretty sandals, you know you are never going to wear them. Maintain vililance wrt pants esp if members of your party are partially incontinent.

Only take enough food for the first night. Why did I pack 4 tins of baked beans when we went to Anglesey for a week. Do they not sell beans in Anglesey? We don't even like beans that much.

Slubberdegullion Tue 25-Aug-09 09:10:03

Get rid of the water carrier thingy. Use a standard 2l bottle and get the dc to go and fill it up.

Only the Outwell Family need matching napkins and a fruit bowl
Do watch the video, it is bloody hilarious, that guy has a LINEN JACKET ffs.

Slubberdegullion Tue 25-Aug-09 09:11:15

And he appears to be drinking a pint of stout with a bowl of strawberries whilst lounging on his matching sleeping bag.

bramblebooks Tue 25-Aug-09 09:43:23

pmsl! Tent porn film so early in the morning - slow lingering shots. oy vay. A bijou boutique hotel in your own tent, verily. Who needs napkins when you've got utility loo roll and a pack of wipes?

Slubberdegullion Tue 25-Aug-09 12:44:27

grin It's fantastic isn't it? What a load of old cobblers, I particularly like the talk over bit when they are putting up the kid's room where he goes on about the organic design letting you feel completely at one with the outdoors...

alternatively you could just open the front door and be literally be at one with the outdoors.

The fluffy cushion on the chair just get's me everytime.

Slubberdegullion Tue 25-Aug-09 12:56:33

bramble have you seen the Outwell Family diorama that Casey's tried to create this year? They had managed to get their hands on some seriously dodgy mannequins (with various limbs missing) and posed them inside the tents. There was one rather horrific CSIesque set up in one of the bedrooms where Mrs Outwell (a bilateral amputee) had got herself into some sort of semi-splayed position on top of one of the double sleeping bags. Man it was hilariously bad.

sorry for the hijack babyOcho.

janinlondon Tue 25-Aug-09 14:41:59

Surely there are photos of the Casey's diorama??? (PMSL) I do feel sorry for the OP though - her pleas are going unanswered. And I was so looking forward to learning how to reduce our own load.......So in an attempt to divert you all back on track, we are buying the Jamie Oliver survival cooking set - our saucepans/frying pans were taking up a ridiculous amount of space.

Pixel Tue 25-Aug-09 16:29:24

That video is so funny, they are like stepford campers.

My personal space-saving tip is not to let dh pack the car, he is rubbish at it.

bramblebooks Tue 25-Aug-09 17:36:13

OMG Jamie Oliver survial set - loving that, must look.

I must have missed the duelling banjos family slubber. But I DID this afternoon tour the tenterama at Ellesmere Port - amazing. DS2 and I all around the utility tents. He wants a pop up camo tent now. Can't fit in any more camping shopping before the Lake District trip on Thurs though as have to work

But I digress. Get a trailer HTH

SammyK Tue 25-Aug-09 17:37:25

Yes I agree with pixel - the car is packed much more efficiently if I do it. Pack big, light but bulky things first and then put heavy stuff on top. Use space in footwells (except drivers obviously), and under front chairs). Nothing wrong with things on knees either. grin

Make sure every square inch of packing space is utilised, our mess tins are packed with mugs in them, the mugs have items in too. Am sure you get the idea.

babyOcho Tue 25-Aug-09 19:30:00

The video is hilarious, do people really go for the whole Outwell tent, with wardrobes and matching furniture... feel tempted to go and take a peek in one in the campsite.

So... the tips are take less, use all available space in the car, rememeber that they sell food in places other than home or eat out if you really need to grin

Cannot leave DP at home as he's quite good at entertaining DD when I have a nap!

TheDMshouldbeRivened Tue 25-Aug-09 19:30:43

its 'you don't need all that stuff' grin

MaryMotherOfCheeses Tue 25-Aug-09 23:00:42

Jamie Oliver Survival Kit. My goodness, all my instincts are against this. Jamie Oliver, Tefal and Survival shouldn't go together in one little nauseating bunch. though having googled I quite fancy it. blush A decent cooking set would be quite useful, better than the standard camping saucepans. But i can't find a price anywhere. Anyone seen a price?

Pixel Tue 25-Aug-09 23:11:07

£40 here but says 60% off. shock

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