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Campsites abroad - how do we know which to trust?

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Millimat Fri 21-Aug-09 21:29:12

Ok so summer holidays drawing to an end - back to work soon sad for us teachers. Looking towards next year as we want to go abroad - either France, Holland etc - not too far from the Channel as we have DC who will be 3 and 6 by then and this will be the furthest they have travelled.
How do you know where to stay? UKCampsite seems to be very restrictive about the reviews - I have heard of loads of poeple who never see their reviews when negative things are written? Is there a reliable way of knowing the campsite will be good enough? Or even a brochure of campsites to choose from?

saggyhairyarse Fri 21-Aug-09 21:50:56

You can get the various brochures from the likes of Eurocamp, Keycamp, Canvas and VacanSoleil and then book direct with the campsite.

It can work out cheaper to book with Eurocamp etc if you get ferry included and a special offer.

Also TripAdvisor covers campsites and their reviews are not always good.

We are considering Duinrell in Holland next year, it is a bit Butlins but should be fun. To me it looks lie a cross between Woodlands sort of rides with CentreParcs pool complex and camping. We also went to a VacanSoleil site near Roche en Ardenne in Belgium last year which was lovely and Roche was really pretty.

Celia2 Sun 23-Aug-09 17:41:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigTillyMint Mon 24-Aug-09 21:19:12

We have camped in lots of sites in France, and all of them have been immensely better than any site in GB that we have been to!

We have also used brochures from the camping holiday firms, and the sites are generally excellent. They are also usually more pricey as they have great facilities.

If you search on mumsnet, there are quite alot of recommendations, or you could post to see if anyone has been to the site you fancy.

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