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October half term - where could we go in a caravan?

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Millimat Tue 18-Aug-09 22:11:49

Want to go away with with DD (5) and DS (2) at the end of October. Caravan has fab heating etc but where have people been that would not be too tough?!!

Millimat Wed 19-Aug-09 10:19:57


tickfeckingtock Wed 19-Aug-09 23:00:02

Caravan with heating you could go anywhere couldn't you?

gigglewitch Wed 19-Aug-09 23:08:10

we've been all over the place every oct half term - inot November most years. Tend to go for a site near a city so plenty to do if weather is wet, and a decent site with some facilities for hot showers etc smile
Honestly, I promise you a caravan with some heating and a sleeping bag and blanket each is really cosy and warm. Have taken 4yo,2yo & newborn at that time of year.

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