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oi slubber - tent pr0n

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millenniumfalcon Sun 16-Aug-09 18:32:00

hope your minimal trip went well (come to think of it you're prolly still there? lol will bump this if/when i spot you about) our first pitch of the alby was fab - not planning to get shot of it any time soon i'm afraid grin

no problem pitching it, though it definitely stretched out over time, we had to keep tightening the storm lines. it was FANTASTIC to camp in - sooo much room, like a big top lol, my girls spent most the time careering madly around the centre pole. but it didn't seem to take up that much space from the outside. and just oozing quality, the metal loops on the guys for the pegs, the gorgeous chunky zips and lovely aluminium clips for all the things that need rolling up, the peachy soft canvas... kind of luxurious minimalism i reckon - nothing superfluous (except our fairy lights, lol, though they were brilliant too), simple but timeless design, does the job perfectly. and so bright inside - i thought with hardly any windows it'd be dark but not at all.

and just for you i took some pics: side view - this is just the tent itself, don't have any pics with the scherms and the luife that don't have us in them so won't post those. luscious back end, and a real geek pic - rain beading on the canvas mmmm grin

we're planning an extra trip before the end of the holidays cos couldn't bear to pack her away for the winter already

Slubberdegullion Mon 17-Aug-09 08:40:13

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH thank you thank you thank you smile

What a beauty. They are lovely aren't they? And you are right about the space, bizarrio tardis like when you see the footprint size of the grass whan you pack up.

Thank you so much for taking the piccies. I LOVE the rain on canvas one. Hey you should blow it up and put it on canvas and hang the picture up somewhere to induce restfulness

So I take it that the Albi a keeper then? grin

I'm so pleased for you. Gorgeous tent.

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