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What food & equipment do I need to buy take?

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Starbear Fri 14-Aug-09 11:56:48

I so need your help today. Dh & Ds are going camping. Friends will be with them and I will join them on Wednesday. LAST year a friend & I cooked as if we were running a field kitchen in Afghanistan and feeding friends and family in huge pots. It was hard work and not quite the fantasy I had dreamed. I over did it. sad
This Year they/I have a small two burner and toaster cooker (v. small)
So MNers,(1) what should I buy from the supermarket today?
What equipment should be taken (and what should I not take)?
What meals are easy-peasy lemon squeezey.
HELP! smile

Slubberdegullion Fri 14-Aug-09 18:54:33

I always make a huge batch of bolognese the day or two before we go. This gets divided into 2.

Batch 1 goes into the fridge and then is used for spag bol on the first night.

Batch 2 is frozen and then used for mince & rice for the dds and after I have served them I add some chilli powder and kidney beans for chilli con carne for us on night 2.

After that I have to go out and buy.

I do a lot of ratatoille (on its own with rice or pasta) or to serve with steak/sausages/ chicken, whatever.

hmm what else

Lots of rice/pasta/noodles/cous cous in one saucepan and then meat and veg bung it all in with sauce in another pan.

Unadventurous but hot and filling.

Slubberdegullion Fri 14-Aug-09 18:55:43

re equipment.

sharp knife
chopping board
wooden spoon

washing up liquid

Starbear Sat 15-Aug-09 10:18:28

Slubberdegullion Thank you for your reply. I'll use it for next year. Do you make Ratatouille from scratch?
I have sent them off with the following.
4 x Baked Bean tins
bag of pasta & pasta sauce
Risotto rice
bag of noodles
Tea/coffee/sugar (sugar for me)
a little salt (bum I forgot the pepper!)
Oil (no vinegar for salad forgot that as well)
Kitchen roll sponges washing up liquid
opps! No washing powder (oh get it down there)
breakfast cereals
Parmesan cheese!
stove, pots, frying pan, wooden spoon, tiny chopping board! Cutlery, plates, mugs, flat thingy to turn over fried food. washing up bowl 2 tea towels kettle water container. Can opener! I forgot! Or did we pack it from last year!blush
*Do you think I've missed anything?*

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