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trying to find the unfindable...can anyone help?

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leonifay Tue 11-Aug-09 15:21:29

hi, i've been given the fun job of finding a camp site for our family holiday next year in may (it'll take that long to find one we all agree on!).
so can anyone give us a recommendation for a camp site for next may.

there will be 7 adults, a 3yo a 12 month and (hopefully) a new baby or a pregnant adult. so in all 3 large tents

it needs to have nice showers and nice toilets and be in england, preferably close to a beach and have somewhere to go hiking near by.

it cant be in a holiday park, like haven, it would be really good if it were dog free (2yo (who will be 3) was attacked by a dog whilst in his pushchair and will have hysterical fits when seeing one). they need to allow camp fires and if possible be insect free! grin

oh and it cant be anywhere we've been before. can you see why i'm having problems?

if anyone has any reccomendations it would be really helpfull

nannyL Tue 11-Aug-09 17:43:42

what about Dorset?

there are LOADS of campsites there. and the southdowns way path goes all the way along the coast. swanage / weymouth beaches are lovely

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