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Camping France in Sept???

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littlemum2 Tue 11-Aug-09 11:35:47

We need a cheap holiday in late Sept (20 - 30th Sept) and are thinking about taking our recently purchased tent to France.
Has anyone ever camped in France in Sept? Is it cold at night? Are the campsites deserted?
Any thoughts / advice would be grately recieved.
Thank you

4andnotout Tue 11-Aug-09 11:39:57

We have just got from 3 weeks camping in france, the 4 sites we stayed on were only open until the end of August.

Ponders Tue 11-Aug-09 12:14:46

We camped in September once, in Brittany, & in Saumur en route - it was cold at night. The Saumur site was a municipal so not a lot there anyway, I don't remember anything about the site in Brittany (it was a long time ago) but a lot of general shops etc were closed.

The general season for swimming pools is mid-May to mid-Sept. You should be OK on all counts providing you head a long way south (where pools are usually open into October). The average overnight low in Bordeaux is 12 in Sept (9 in Oct); Lyon 12 (8); Marseilles 16 (11); Cannes 16 (13).

FantasticMissFox Tue 11-Aug-09 20:25:45

I have camped in south west France in mid September-site was brilliant- v quiet in the week- had the swimming pool to ourselves!! Did get buiser on the weekends (the Spanish came north!) It was v cold in the evenings and sometimes in the early mornings-take lots of jumpers and duvets as well as sleeping bags!! We went here

We've not camped as such but hired a mobile home at that time of year. It's darn freezing in the mobile first thing in the morning so I would think it may be a bit nippy in a tent grin However I would still say go for it. We had the swimming pools to ourselves (heated indoor, although they did open the outside ones a few days). The take away and restaurant on site wasn't open every night but you can plan around this. We enjoyed the atmosphere on our campsite as it was mainly fishermen, other young families and a smattering of retired folk (who like to coo over your children)

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