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List of essential items to take for a novice camper????

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VinegarTits Tue 11-Aug-09 10:09:55

Apart from the obvious of course

So far i have:

Blow up bed
Camping stove
Camping chairs

What else?

VinegarTits Tue 11-Aug-09 10:24:10

will i need a gazebo?

ShauntheSheep Tue 11-Aug-09 10:24:22

beer and wine grin of course

VinegarTits Tue 11-Aug-09 10:25:02

I will need lights wont i?

VinegarTits Tue 11-Aug-09 10:25:41

grin god yes, how could i forget, beer and wine go to top of the list

VinegarTits Tue 11-Aug-09 10:31:44

plates, cup, pans, cutlery, washing up bowl, washing up liquid? yes?

ShauntheSheep Tue 11-Aug-09 10:32:21

I'll dig out my list for you

ShauntheSheep Tue 11-Aug-09 10:33:19

Camping Stuff
Tent Cooker
Light Saucepan
Sleeping bags *3 Plastic bags
Blankets Cool bag with freezer thingies
Torch gas
Radio Cups
Camera Plates
Penknife Cutlery

ShauntheSheep Tue 11-Aug-09 10:36:20

Insect repellent
Antiseptic cream
Waterproof jackets *3
Waterproof trousers Waterproof boots
Dresses Knickers
Skirts Jumpers/cardigans
Beach shoes T-shirts
shoes Trousers
Socks Shorts

ShauntheSheep Tue 11-Aug-09 10:44:13

oh yeah I always forget the washing up liquid cos its not on my list .

missed out

towels washing stuff
swimming stuff

VinegarTits Tue 11-Aug-09 12:16:37

Thanks Shaun, thats really helpful!

VinegarTits Tue 11-Aug-09 12:29:16

bottle opener! (for the wine)

ShauntheSheep Tue 11-Aug-09 12:30:46

Glad to help. Mines just a really basic list tho as we go train and bike so only ever bring bare minimum.

millenniumfalcon Tue 11-Aug-09 13:23:35


Glitterknickaz Tue 11-Aug-09 18:32:31


Goober Tue 11-Aug-09 20:01:10


josiejo79 Wed 12-Aug-09 16:43:23

Don't forget the tin opener, i've got about 6 as we always forget to repack it when we get back from camping each time

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