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Help please, looking at buying a Vermont xl, but will it fit on a eurocamp site??

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Saabb151 Tue 11-Aug-09 09:30:33


Looking at buying a outwell Vermont so (any thoughts?), however it's 4.8m by 7.7m and eurocamp seem to have restrictions over 7m.
Has anyone took one or a bigger one on their sites!? Which sites? Is it alot extra? A squeeze? Blah blah blah

Lisaannb Mon 17-Aug-09 08:46:57

It totally depends on the actual campsite. We book through Eurocamp independant and I can say from experience that Eurocamp have nothing to do with pitch allocation as we found to our cost this year. Your best thing is to contact site direct to request a particular pitch size as they vary dramatically within each site. Last year we had a pich that was huge (15m x 10m) this year we had to squeeze our tent on a pitch 7m x 10m so you really need to check. Hope this helps

welshdeb Mon 17-Aug-09 09:15:27

I agree contact the site direct.
We have a touring caravan so not exactly the same but we used eurocamp independent a few times when we first started going to france, but after a few times we wised up that it is cheaper and better to speak to the site direct. This is after bring told by a french site receptionist when making enquiries about the following year that they always try to accomodate their own custmers first before giving pitches to the operators.

We have a large caravan about 8 meters long and with our awning its about 6 meters wide. so we alwyas need a bigger than normal pitch.

My initial thoughts are that you would probably need a larger caravan pitch. Most sites have at least one or 2 larger pitches so I am sure if you get in touch with the sites direct they will be able to sort out your requirements.

Also have a look at some campsite guides like Caravan Cub or Alan Rogers, these usually give you sizes for average pitches and if you have a site in mind you can check details like this for yourself.

welshdeb Mon 17-Aug-09 09:16:18

Caravan Club even

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