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In-tent storage systems??

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Smithagain Sun 09-Aug-09 19:47:24

OK - so we've just come back from our first family camping trip. It was great (apart from the first day when we pitched in a rainstorm while DD2 sat in the car throwing up every 20mins, but I'm trying to blank that out of my mind grin)

We did, however, find it hard to organise all our stuff inside the tent. The kitchen/food area was OK - cool box plus folding/stacking shelf thingy in one corner, with stove outside under canopy. But all the rest of our stuff kind of ended up in a big heap of waterproofs, damp towels and suitcases in the other corner.

We have a Wolf Lake 5, for me, DH and two kids. The girls had the larger bedroom (so they had a bit of space to move about and play) and we had the smaller one. That did mean that there wasn't space to store suitcases etc in our bedroom and they ended up in the living area. And I really didn't know where to put coats etc, especially when damp.

Any good tips for organisation and/or nifty storage systems that don't occupy lots of boot space when travelling?

millenniumfalcon Sun 09-Aug-09 21:46:53

we go for the chinese laundry effect with washing lines across the tent for draping wet stuff - not ideal but dry stuff is just about the most important thing when you're camping imho.

use the car well (luxury for me most of my pre-family camping was at festivals so no access to car) - only keep essentials inside the tent, leave the rest in the car, and spread towels etc. out to dry over the seats during the day.

having different "zones" in the tent, e.g. keeping one corner for wet boots/coats, kids books/toys in their pod, torches and whiskey under the lounger etc. helps to keep track of stuff.

for physically restraining things collapsible/stackable crates and those pop-up laundry baskets can be good, depending on how much space you have/how long you're staying.

but people have cupboards and allsorts nowadays so i hear shock </luddite> wink

Smithagain Mon 10-Aug-09 20:48:30

Thanks - good tips!

How do you attached your washing lines? I like the idea but don't know if we've got anything to tie them to - all poles are on outside.

We did string a washing line between trees on this trip, which was great for getting towels etc out of the way, but never really got them dry.

slayerette Mon 10-Aug-09 20:52:38

I would second the collapsible crates idea. We use about five or six for food, books, games etc. Big laundry bag in the corner for dirty clothes, coats and towels draped over car seats to dry while you're in the tent.

Having said that, we have a Bear Lake 6 just for the three of us - we all go in the big bedroom and the small one is a storage room - don't know how we'd manage without that!

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