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Going to France - Kitchen solution, windbreaks and pegs!

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flame17 Sat 08-Aug-09 18:55:00

We are going to France in 10 days grinand I feel the need for a zipped cupboard for food and juice to stop the little beasties getting in. I'm torn between THIS or one of the Aldi tall camping cupboards (they still have them in my local store).
We have an age old stacking shelf system that we could still use for the cooker if we went for the Aldi one.

So which would you get? Which is better built? There is only 70p price difference.

I'm also strangely drawn to the Vango 6 pole windbreak mainly because it would match as we currently have beach style stripey ones! Are they any good or am I just wasting money?

Finally, Pegs, are we going to need different ones to be able to pitch in the hopefully sundried French earth? If so which ones will I need?

troutpout Sat 08-Aug-09 21:55:07

Do not...i repeat DO NOT get that argos one. It is shite.
We got it about 2 years ago. the cupboard shelves are thin plywood and get damp and bend and then all the things fall out.

From experience i would say that anything you get from Aldi is likely to be better quality than that.

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