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Any advice/tips PLEASE camping with a 8 wk old

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Gillyan Tue 04-Aug-09 16:49:19

I have decided TODAY that I am going camping over bank hol. 2 nights 3 days. 4hr car journey.

Got all the gear and have been with my older daughter when she was 2.6, she's now 3.6.

My new baby will be 9 wks by them.

We are having elec hook up for the tent so I can take the steriliser for the bottles (I'm FF) and I am going to take those ready made cartons of formula aswell. I'm taking the moses basket for her to sleep in, will have my baby bjorn carrier thing, the buggy/pram and obvisouly the car seat, thinking of taking the bouncer.

I can't afford to go and buy anything else like cold water sterilisers etc as not much oey spare before we go.

Going to take an elec fan just in case we have a freak heat wave hmm. She's got a growbag to sleep in too.

Anyone have any advice or helpful hints for managing with a baby camping I would be very gratefulto hear.

I'm not fussed about going but DP is a bit more worried and thinks it will be too much with a youngun.

frekkles Tue 04-Aug-09 22:10:27

my baby is 12 weeks now and we've been camping with him twice, the first time when he was 8 weeks. I was initially quite worried about the whole thing, but actually he thrived on it.

I'd recommend taking a pop up travel cot even if you don't use it for your baby to sleep in, it was great for us to pop him in and know he was out of the sun and safe from midges and other insects. Especially helpful when setting up and packing away. Good call on the baby carrier.

I'd recommend a fleecy hooded sleepsuit for sleeping in, so that his head is warm, but the hood won't cover his face. My little one slept layered in a vest, sleepsuit, fleecy hooded sleepsuit and then winter growbag, and he was lovely and warm despite his face feeling cold. One night felt colder ( i needed a jumper in my sleeping bag) and so i put an extra blanket on him. Each time we've been away he's slept so well, best he's slept in his little life. Think it must be the fresh air!

Another thing I'd reccomend is a mosqito net for over your moses basket. I got paranoid about insects the first time i went. Peace of mind is good to help you sleep and enjoy it. And make sure you have a comfy bed too. It's good for cuddling on during the day too.

oh and some kind of nightlight for night feeds with the fiddling with a torch. i had one of these moon jars which worked well]]

have fun!!

notsoteenagemum Tue 04-Aug-09 22:27:56

If its a cold water steriliser you want then a big tupperware box and a couple of milton tablets do the job nicely for a couple of bobs.

Gillyan Wed 05-Aug-09 20:27:05

Thanks guys

Looked into a travel cot ( can borrown one ) but not much room for it, think I'll stick withthe moses basket and take the stand, but at night I'll be afraid of us knocking it over so I'll put it on the floor but with a coouple of roll matthingies under it I think.

I am going to go for the cold water sterilising and I'll just take the tablets and something to dunk bottles in.

Louby3000 Wed 05-Aug-09 20:55:38

If you have a yoga mat, fold that in half and lay under the moses basket for a little extra bit of insulation.

Gert2a Mon 10-Aug-09 18:55:21

We went camping a couple of weeks ago with DD who was then 12 weeks. Thanks to all the advice on the MN camping forum all went swimmingly. DD slept through both nights (the longest she's ever slept - though of course back at home she's back to feeding twice through the night, but I thoroughly enjoyed my sleep once I'd stopped waking to check she was still breathing/not too warm etc etc).

DD slept in a vest, a sleepsuit, a fleece sleepsuit and a 2.5tog sleeping bag. She was in a camping pod with a mosquito net and hood over it. I added a blanket under the pod, a blanket under the mattress and a blanket over the pod hood. She seemed to be a good temperature and certainly wasn't cold.

It all went so well we booked tickets for the Beautiful Days festival which is next week and we can't wait and aren't worried at all about taking DD.

Just relax, enjoy it and what's the worst that can happen? You have to come home early? Worse things have happened!!

FlamingoBingo Mon 10-Aug-09 19:22:09

Can you co-sleep while you camp? that way your body will help to regulate his temperature whether it's too hot or too cold for him.

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