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Guten Free, Tomato free camping meals - any ideas???

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HairyMaclary Sun 02-Aug-09 21:45:47

We are about to head off for 2 weeks camping, DS2 has recently had blood tests and referrals to consultants about the possibility of having coeliacs disease, he reacts badly to wheat and tomatoes (as well as a few other things!). So far we have only camped for 4 days and I've coped with food so far but 2 weeks is stretching me!

Does anyone have any ideas for food for a 2 year old and a 4 year old (and 2 adults) that we can easily cook while camping that is gluten free and tomato free.
so far have
pasta (gf) and pesto
BBQ- gf sausages etc
curry from jar and rice
rice and something else

I usually take precooked frozen stuff for at least one day but while we could take one meal, it's not going to last us into the second week.

Can anyone help?

iheartdusty Sun 02-Aug-09 21:51:58

tinned bean salad with spring onion, peppers etc
stir fry veg pack with gf noodles

eggs keep well

maybe you can go shopping halfway through?

Alambil Sun 02-Aug-09 23:13:15

savoury rice - packets if they are suitable or make your own

tins of soup either as they are or as a "casserole" base and add either frankfurters or chicken with rice or without

meatballs in gravy, not tomatoes with pasta

rice and mince with oxo cube to make gravy - add tins of veg, onions / worcester sauce and the like for taste

will you be eating out at all?

3rdnparty Sun 02-Aug-09 23:26:19

stir fry with rice noodles as a change from rice..

of the gluten free pasta found the rice/millet combo the best/most like wheat pasta as less gooey than pure rice pasta.

if reacts to tomatoes you may want to avoid peppers(capsicum) /aubergine and possibly potatoes as they are all the same family -

also some fruits like melon/avocado also may need to be v ripe - not sure why but seems to be a common irritant..
sorry if that is granny sucking eggs stuff

bacon n eggs,
rye bread?
tin fish-+ carbo eg sardines and potatoes
ready made soups for lunch - often gf

polenta- can buy readymade just slice n fry

if you are near a waitrose they often have a good range of gf other supermarkets less so Sainsburys def have some


motherducky Mon 03-Aug-09 10:42:39

Hey, I'm sure you know what you are doing, but your post makes it sound like he has gone gluten free before tests/diagnosis are completed, we were told to do this with dd and it was a BIG mistake. Please please look at the Coeliac uk website for more info if you haven't already, don't just take GP/paed's advice they often make this mistake, and sorry if you already know all that. BTW rye bread has gluten in.

Otherwise, I'm wondering the same for dd - coeliac and very fussy (inc won't touch anything that looks like tomatoes, rice).

So far I'm thinking lots of jacket potatoes done in the BBQ and instant mash for her and veg. Lots of eggs somehow? and gf sausages whenever we can (aldi, M&S or sainsburys). cold meals - DS gf crispbread with cheese and cucumber etc, fruit, breakfast gf chocolate stars and milk, yogurt when we can. If you have a grill unlike us you can melt cheese and ham etc onto the crispbread for a warming small meal. Admittedly not a very varied diet but.....

Am just wondering about tins of ground rice and custard - maybe too messy though... make sure you check tomatoe sauce ingredients, take separate butter, use tin foil to prevent contamination when cooking etc.

DottyDot Mon 03-Aug-09 10:51:38

I'm coeliac and we're off camping on Wednesday but just for a couple of days so I feel your fear..!

Your list so far is really good - we're also taking some pre-made gf pancake mixture so we can have some savoury (with cheese and spinach in the middle) followed by sweet (with sugar and lemon of course!),

Also taking gf sausages, eggs and bacon for a fry up.

Pesto is a must and we did that when we went camping a few weeks ago.

We also pre-cooked a chicken casserole and did rice at the campsite and warmed up the casserole - was lovely.

jacket potatoes are good and this time we're going to slice up potatoes really thin and wrap them in foil with loads of butter and garlic in them and bung on the barbecue - delicious.

you could take things like chicken drumsticks - pre-cooked so not for the barbecue and have them with rice and peppers, mushrooms and onions.

Good luck! smile

motherducky Mon 03-Aug-09 11:39:16

dotty dot those potatoes sound delicious, would they work in a conventional oven so we try them before we go? Which gf pancake mix are you taking? I was thinking of trying to do something with the orgran one, but we always use an electric whisk to get enough air so not sure how it would work camping...

HairyMaclary Mon 03-Aug-09 17:04:41

Thanks! some good ideas here, will put my thinking hat on and really try to plan all meals before we leave. We will def be shopping regularly but hope not to eat out too much as trying to keep the costs down.

Mother Ducky - he's been mostly gf free for about 8 months now, when I started doing it I spoke to GP and together we thought it was just an intolerance and he'd grow out of it. However things have developed and we are now off to see consultant having had an 'interesting' blood test. I have looked at the coeliacs site quite a lot but I am not willing for him to have 4 helpings of gluten per day when it causes bloody poos! GP agrees but we really need this consultants appt to take the next step.

Anyway - thanks for all the ideas, can see us using lots of them, DH doesn't really like meat of any sort though which just adds to the difficulties (he will eat it though - he just doesn't like it!)

DottyDot Tue 04-Aug-09 15:06:52

Hi - we did the potatoes last night in our barbi and honestly they are so delicious..!

Never tried them in an ordinary oven so I'm not sure - might be worth a go.

gf pancake mix works really well just using Doves Farm gluten free flour instead of ordinary flour - we're going to make enough up to fill a 4 pint milk bottle and take camping tomorrow! grin

HairyMaclary Wed 05-Aug-09 09:19:53

am v interested in homemade gf pancake mix - how would you do that - what are the quantities - you may have already gone but if you get a chance could you let me know?

DottyDot Wed 05-Aug-09 10:06:03

Hi - we've made up about 3 pints (there are 9 of us going!) using the following:

10 oz of Doves Farm gf plain flour
5 eggs
17.5 fl oz of milk
7.5 fl oz of water

It's just Delia's pancake mix recipe but using Doves Farm gf plain flour. Works a treat - might need to add a drop more milk once we start using it as it'll thicken up a bit, but it makes v. good pancakes! smile

motherducky Wed 05-Aug-09 13:35:00

wow, just tried a smaller version of your pancake mix - it works well doesn't it? See what you mean about it thickening up though, the last pancake was just big 'splodges' joined together with 'dribbles', girls still ate it though. It was amazing how well it all mixed by shaking it in a lidded drinking bottle, thinking we'll definately try that!

DottyDot Wed 05-Aug-09 22:41:58

well, am sorry to say that we very stupidly left our lovely made up pancake mix in the fridge..! realised about 5 mins after we got here (am reporting live from the tent!). am gutted but we'll use it on Friday when we're back by having savoury then sweet pancakes.

had lovely potatoes on a bucket barbi with steaks and sausages for tea tonight - with bottle of red, obviously..!

kalo12 Sat 22-Aug-09 22:29:13

lamb and rice
sweetcorn omellettes

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