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I am going to camp without a coolbox....

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Alambil Sun 02-Aug-09 21:36:02

am I insane?

<probably> grin

Soups Sun 02-Aug-09 22:46:41

Have fun

&#65321;camp without a coolbox for solo backpacking. Seems perfectly possible for a family camp, long life or powdered milk, buy meat / cheese just before you cook it and rely on tins and packets.

We've just done several days at a festival and the coolbox was pretty much used for beer grin We cooked a fair bit also, lots of things like pouches of meatballs in tomato sauce mixed into packet rice. Wth tins of sweetcorn and carrots added. Puddings of those long life single portions of Dole fruit, jelly, rice pudding, custard. By the end of it I was gagging for some fresh food! But it was fine.

Is there any reason you're not taking a coolbox? Space, don't want to pay out? Those supermarket resuable cooler bags are useful. Not the proper soft cool bag ones but the ones that look like a shopping bag. They'll keep some food fresher a little longer, even if it's for keeping fruit or bread at a more even temp.

MegBusset Sun 02-Aug-09 22:51:28

We never took a proper coolbox, just take a coolbag and some big frozen bottles of water to use as ice packs.

Alternatively to keep milk etc cold overnight just leave it outside the tent, just make sure it's on the west-facing side so won't get the sun on it in the morning.

Alambil Sun 02-Aug-09 23:07:47

Yes, space and money - I have neither!

I will buy milk the night before / morning for breakfast and use packet food or buy meat on the day we cook it

I have a week's worth of meals sorted which are mostly pasta or rice based and things like that so nothing too bad!

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