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serinBrightside Sun 02-Aug-09 19:21:40

Have just returned from the Midlands.

Tis bad out there sad

Take repellant (and smoke bombs)

Was bad on the east coast too, dd 17mo got stung whilst eating her porridge, poor mite, now she screams at anything flyingsad.

As soon as any food came out there were just swarms of them.

missmama Mon 03-Aug-09 07:59:44

Got to agree, just come back from Tamworth. Mum got stung twice DH had one in his beer can (then his mouth) and they were just everywhere.

serin - can I ask where you went?

tinateaspoon Mon 03-Aug-09 14:45:54

I carry a citronella spray, and spray it everywhere! Usually spraying the table before eating keeps them away - I hate the little buggers. I am 34 and had never been stung until I sat on one in the car last week - ow!

lisad123 Mon 03-Aug-09 17:22:21

we had same problem this week too, was terrible and my mum was stung. Anyone got some hints??

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Mon 03-Aug-09 17:24:49

wasp traps every time

Jam jar, jam in bottom and a little s,meared over rim,filled with water and a membrane over the top with a small gap in. Sorts the little buggers out

Big prob at sandy balls last year, and just getting abd as we left on saturday

MitchyInge Mon 03-Aug-09 17:25:11

am not in Midlands but have been stung six times in past week alone! admittedly five times in one incident (was pruning and accidentally grabbed a wasp along with a bit of shrub so he stung the palm of my hand five times in rapid succession before he died ) then yesterday I leaned against another one

good thing am not allergic

3rdnparty Mon 03-Aug-09 18:19:03

we put jar with some cider in about 10foot (good distance?) away from us and they all went for that instead of bothering us ... tried same with beer/orange/apple juice but cider had best result! shame for the one and only cider drinker smile

3littlefrogs Mon 03-Aug-09 18:21:06

Lakeland do a good wasp trap plus attractant to put in it.

Slubberdegullion Mon 03-Aug-09 18:26:56

The waspinator

Never used it but looks groovy huh?

schilke Mon 03-Aug-09 21:08:41

Well we have a waspinator. Last year it worked like a charm, however this year they are ignoring it! Today I resorted to a glass of orange juice away from us and trapped 18.

We're off camping tomorrow (Herefordshire) and I have a jam jar at the ready - better give the cider a go! We'll take the waspinator too.

serinBrightside Mon 03-Aug-09 23:25:24

We were at Holt Farm, Missmama. Midway between Southam and Daventry.

Am off to Wells/Norfolk next week, they have swarms of ladybirds there according to todays newspaper, don't mind them!

melrose Tue 04-Aug-09 13:25:35

We are off next week and this had been worrying me especially as DS gfreaks out every time he sees one at the moment.

Does citronella deter them?

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