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OK, so we need a new tent in the next week...

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LittleFriendSusan Thu 30-Jul-09 22:13:05

Our tent has finally given up the ghost. To be fair, it had probably seen better days by the end of last year, but we were hoping it would last till the end of season sales! But the crappy weather in Pembrokeshire last Sat / Tuesday night put paid to that, and we had to make a swift exit before the tent collapsed / took off! The weather inside the tent was actually worse than outside on Tuesday night grin. Every pole had split, the back end collapsed - basically it's had it!

Sooo... what tent to buy? This one was a Gelert Cyclone 6-berth - only a cheapy from Halfords 4 years ago so it's not done too bad, all things considering! It was never the most stable of tents anyway, and was a nightmare to pitch even after 4 years of doing it. But on the plus side it had a massive living area that we've become quite accustomed to.

We definitely want a tunnel tent this time, and we are veering towards an Outwell - mainly cos they seem to have always escaped unscathed when we've experienced bad weather. The domes and Gelerts in general seem to suffer the most!

I think it's mainly between the Montana 6 (+ extension maybe?) & separate utility tent for kitchen stuff or the Vermont L - possibly still with utility tent but not sure about fitting onto smaller pitches?

Main concerns with the Montana are the sloping sides (we have a tall Outwell Dominica wardrobe - seems there would be a lot of wasted space behind?) and the lask of storage (we've had 3 bedrooms till now, so have just used the 3rd bedroom to store clothes etc).

Main concern with the Vermont is size! (though we have only seen the XL erected and that just seems huge!)- when you think we will have windbreaks etc outside too - would we just be taking up too much space?! Also quite a bit more expensive than the Montana...

Any opinions, or any other suggestions? Budget won't stretch to a polycotton, also drying space is very limited at home (tiny garden and no banister) so not really a good idea.

Ideally we'd spend no more than £500... but could stretch to £600 if we really had to.

Help please (sorry this got so long!!!)

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