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how big is a normal pitch? <at holmsley>

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Alambil Thu 30-Jul-09 02:53:06

Just thinking ahead to next week - if it buckets down like it is now, I'm gonna get awfully wet when I'm cooking

I have the Carolina 3 tent which is 520x245cm big and have seen a 2 sided gazebo in Argos that would do to cook under, I think with some side protection (?)

The gazebo is 2.7x2.7m so that'd make the whole lot nearly 8m long and 3m wide... is that too big?

Should I just ring the site and ask?!

Alambil Thu 30-Jul-09 03:09:18

scrap that - the bloody thing is out of stock...

what about this

lubblyjubblies Thu 30-Jul-09 08:38:22

There are no defined pitch sizes at Holmsley, just pitch wherever. I think they may charge extra for a gazebo. They have really bumped up extras in my opinion. They are going to charge us £5 per night for a trailer, and I'm sure gazebos and utility tents are charged the same. I would check their website.
How about a huge fishing umbrella which you can out up and down as needed, they couldnt charge for that wink

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