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Has anyone got a Vango Icarus 400?

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spookycharlotte121 Wed 29-Jul-09 21:52:58

verdicts please. how hard is it to put up/take down?
is it a good family tent?

loubylou66 Wed 29-Jul-09 22:27:31

Hi, I have an Icarus 500 which I believe is just a bigger version. We have never camped before so we probably weren't up to speed and it took us about 30 mins to put up. Instructions really simple to understand. Hardest bit was threading the collapsible poles through without them snagging...Now we've done it before we'll be much quicker next time
We bought this model as a result of the excellent reviews on ukcampsite. I spent one night in garden with oldest son and had no probs at all even though it did rain overnight. It really is quite big and spacious for the price (£125).

spookycharlotte121 Wed 29-Jul-09 22:38:51

yeh that is a 5 man. I have 2 todlers and my best friend is coming too but it would be nice that we could have a tent that we could grow into.
I have found it for £90 on the internet which is a little more than I wanted to pay especially as thr rrp is £125

Furball Thu 30-Jul-09 06:24:18

I too have a 500 and used it last week for DS and I. Very simple to put up and take down.

Put up, DS (8) helped me when on the other side when I needed to lift the poles into position. But the rest I did on my own.

I prefered the 500 as you can stand up in it.

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