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To camp or not to camp?

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FlamongoBongo Wed 29-Jul-09 09:26:26

We've planned to go camping for one night this afternoon - only 1/2 hour away.

But it is seriously chucking it down and the weather forecast says that, although it may be nice tomorrow morning, it's not going to stop raining all day today.

So do we go? We are going with another family who I think are pretty hardy types, but it really is very heavy rain.

I and the children will be really disappointed if we don't go - DH doesn't often get two days off in a row so this is a rare treat and we want to make the most of it.

But cooking in the pouring rain is going to be minging - although we do have a tarp/awning thingy for our bell tent.

Chevre Wed 29-Jul-09 09:27:23

go and get fish and chips for tea!

FlamongoBongo Wed 29-Jul-09 09:34:46

Now that is a good idea......

FlamongoBongo Wed 29-Jul-09 09:35:07

Although I think it's too far from a chippy....will have a look.

TsarChasm Wed 29-Jul-09 09:37:32

As it's only for one night it sounds moveable.

I'd re-schedule it and do something else as a treat.

It's when you've got 2 weeks of it pre-booked and there's no way out that you've got to go ahead (she says bitterly dreading the next 2 weeks)

Chevre Wed 29-Jul-09 09:40:22

yes but her dh can't get away that often.

make a tasty picnic, pizza etc and just eat that cold when you get there with copious amounts of fine wine.

FlamongoBongo Wed 29-Jul-09 10:08:19

It's not moveable - that's what I'm trying to say. DH only usually has two days off in a row when he takes A/L and he can't take any right now because his co-manager is about to go on paternity leave at any moment. If we don't go now, we can't go at all.

There is a chippy v. close by so we'll do that I think.

Going to stop at camping shop to buy waterproof trousers for those DCs we can't find any for, and they can just run around playing in the rain. And I've packed plenty of spare clothes for changes.

holdingittogether Wed 29-Jul-09 13:12:41

We are due to camp this weekend with friends and are unsure whether to go or not as weather is looking wet. Friends are saying go it will be fine but the thought of lots of wet muddy children and wet muddy clothes is putting me off.
Like the fish and chip idea though!

Fennel Wed 29-Jul-09 16:44:26

We would always cancel in this weather, camping is horrible in torrential rain. A bit of drizzle is fine but this sort of downpour, it's never fun. Do another treat. Evening meal out, or cinema, or what we sometimes do, camping in the living room. We put up the play tents and a real tent and light the fire (if you happen to have a real fire), then we toast bread and marshmallows and all go to sleep in the little tents. My dc love this, almost as much as Real Camping. And you don't get wet.

MumHadEnough Wed 29-Jul-09 17:35:20

We've just packed up and came home from the Lake District after 3 awful nights. We really thought the tent was coming down on top of us last night. Our kitchen tent was a disaster and the kitchen stand and stove blew over at 1am this morning. Typically that as soon as we started packing up, the sun came out sad.

Still at least we got the tent away dry, the forecast for the remainder of the week is crap so its just as well we did!

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