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Any clever types who can tell me if my GHD straighteners will work using an inverter?

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squirrel3 Tue 28-Jul-09 16:21:25

I am camping this weekend and I have bought this inverter and I wondered if my GHD straighteners will work using it?

I would appreciate some advice because I don't want to blow my car's electrics or my straighteners.

I know it is weird to take straighteners but my hair is immpossibly curly and needs to be 'tamed' everyday or I will look like this Lol grin

troutpout Tue 28-Jul-09 17:44:20

Oh squirrel...embrace the fro

BadgersArse Tue 28-Jul-09 17:45:11

Ghds dont work in Bermuda


squirrel3 Tue 28-Jul-09 18:26:36

No, no, no I can't embrace the frizz! grin

Can't do it! Can't make me! wink

Surely someone must know if it will work? (or indeed if it blow up my car's electrics, lol)

Snorbs Tue 28-Jul-09 21:02:16

That inverter can cope with things up to 75 Watts of power. As long as your straighteners use no more than 75W, you should be fine. If you have a look on your straighteners there should be a little label or similar on it showing the voltage (probably 220V) and either the current (measured in Amps, often abbreviated to A) or wattage. If it just shows voltage and Amps, then multiply the two together to get the wattage.

It looks like that inverter has overload protection so the worst-case should just be that the inverter shuts down to protect your car's electrics.

squirrel3 Wed 29-Jul-09 08:17:29

Thank you Snorbs, very much appreciated smile

Looking at the straighteners label it says 220-240Vac 50Hz 35W so I am assuming they will work? (I am so dense about stuff like this blush)

I am sure I am not the only person who has wondered how to use their straighteners whilst camping. I usually take a hook-up but the campsite we are going to didn't have any pitches left with elec hook-up so it was a case of embrace the frizz or find another way. grin

Snorbs Wed 29-Jul-09 09:25:51

Yup, if it says they only take 35 Watts then your 75 Watt inverter will only be running at roughly half its maximum capacity. It'll be fine!

squirrel3 Wed 29-Jul-09 09:27:13

Thank you smile

squirrel3 Thu 30-Jul-09 10:46:07

Just tried it and it doesn't work sad

What am I going to do? I go way tomorrow!

LittleFriendSusan Thu 30-Jul-09 17:52:18

I bought one of those so I could use my hairdryer lol - doesn't work either though!

I have some Babyliss gas straighteners from Argos which I take camping with me - they are pretty useless TBH but if I leave them for ages to get v. hot, they just about straighten my fringe and shorter top layers, which makes me look slightly more presentable!

I don't want poker straight hair, just don't want to scare all the little children!! I'd be happy with curls or the messy tousled look... unfortunately my hair just doesn't do that, it just sticks up all over the place on top with a bit of a bowl effect on the rest. Very attractive grin

kentmumtj Sun 02-Aug-09 12:04:26

i use my ghds by hooking up to elec on the site always works and ive never had a problem

LittleFriendSusan Sun 02-Aug-09 21:21:38

Only works if you have an EHU pitch in the first place though KMTJ wink.

DP for some reason is reluctant to fork out for the EHU lead etc. and then pay extra each time we camp just so I can plug my straighteners in... Can't think why grin

squirrel3 Thu 06-Aug-09 20:28:17

Thanks for your replies, I embraced the frizz! But I am planning to go again in a couple of weeks and I am not ready to embrace the frizz again just yet (the children are only just recovering from the shock wink) so I have found 12v hairdryer and straighteners on Amazon, yay! grin

I don't know how good they are yet because I have only just ordered them but will let you know. smile

Overmydeadbody Fri 07-Aug-09 20:21:18

<<shakes head at people taking hair straighteners camping>>

I find frizz eaze hair syrum tames frizz quite effectively.

supersalstrawberry Fri 07-Aug-09 21:08:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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