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Good evening to you from Norden Farm, Corfe Castle, Dorset

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Glitterknickaz Sat 25-Jul-09 21:58:53


I can confirm that o2 mobile broadband works here.

Oh it was bliss to be able to get pitched and sorted in daylight!

WigglewithWine Sat 25-Jul-09 22:07:44

Hope you have a fab time. smile

Lilyloo Sat 25-Jul-09 22:08:30

has been a lovely day here very envy

bubbles4 Sat 25-Jul-09 22:08:37

hi,hope your enjoying yourselves.

paisleyleaf Sat 25-Jul-09 22:12:30

ooo we're staying at Wareham forest campsite in August
must be just up the road.
Swanage sounds nice; sandy beach, punch and judy etc
I hope you have a nice time and the weather is good.

Tommy Sat 25-Jul-09 22:21:27

lovely smile

Annner Sat 25-Jul-09 22:32:22

Ooh! We were there in May.

Lovely site. Farm's a touch grotty, but the facilities are good. Been to Wareham Forest, too. That's fab. Great pool area but no nasty noisy club house.

flatcapandpearls Sat 25-Jul-09 22:34:16

I was there a few weeks ago with some DofE students. Kept awak all night both nights by parties but it is a nice campsite. Good showers.

snowybun Sun 26-Jul-09 01:01:54

Did you come into swanage tonight and see the fireworks?

flatcapandpearls Sun 26-Jul-09 01:05:59

I always forget the swanage fireworks, we went into Bournemouth yesterday to watch theirs and have a meal.

LadyOfWaffle Sun 26-Jul-09 01:10:17

envy We were going to Burnbake this weekend but DHs supervisor came down with swine flu hmm a day before a stag party so has to be off 7 days, so DH had to cancel his holiday! Have fun!

Glitterknickaz Sun 26-Jul-09 11:17:34

snowy - we were too tired after the journey down and pitching, but we'll be there with bells on next saturday!

paisleyleaf Sun 26-Jul-09 12:34:04

Tell me more about the fireworks in Swanage please.
Are they every saturday eve then? On the seafront?

Glitterknickaz Sun 26-Jul-09 13:26:10

there are some fireworks on Wednesday 29th on the seafront at 9.45 because of the carnival.... otherwise yes every Saturday through the summer

paisleyleaf Sun 26-Jul-09 21:59:16


flatcapandpearls Sun 26-Jul-09 22:11:39

We might go to the Wednesday ones. I love Swanage

supersalstrawberry Sun 26-Jul-09 22:20:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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