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Camping when pregnant- how late did you go?

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usernametaken Wed 22-Jul-09 14:52:22

Has anyone been camping at 35wks+ pregnant?

DD is desperate for a few more camping trips in August, am I completely daft in agreeing?!

How late into pregnancy did you go camping? Did you take anything extra with you like the hospital bag etc?

I have a lovely airbed to sleep on so sleeping is not a problem despite SPD, it is just the getting up off it and the frequent toilet visits at night that I can't be bothered with! Putting up the tent is easy as DH does it!

So, completely mad or quite normal to camp at 35+wks?

usernametaken Wed 22-Jul-09 14:53:50

I should add, we are seasoned campers. We have camped at least once or twice a month since March this year.

BintOfBohemia Wed 22-Jul-09 14:57:29

I went at 34 weeks...will be back in mo to tell you about it...

BintOfBohemia Wed 22-Jul-09 15:21:52

Sorry - just had to put DS2 down.

OK. We went to the Lake District last year at the end of July, the week where it rained torrentially all week.

I freaking hated it, it was hellish, but that's because of the rain, the fact that DS1 was 23 months old, screamed all night, threw up in the car and we found it very hard to find anything indoors to occupy him with. And we couldn't be outdoors because it was grim.

I did end up weeing in a hedge at 3am in the rain because the toilets were too far. And the bed was really uncomfortable. I ended up in tears by teatime on the third night and begging DH to let me go home so I could sleep in my nice comfy dry bed.

Having said all that, if you get decent weather, have a comfy bed and don't need to entertain a toddler, it'll probably be alright. (I love camping usually.) I didn't bother taking anything hospitally (maybe I took my green notes?) because I was sure I'd be going a week over again - which I did!

Hope I haven't dampened your enthusiasm - we were very unlucky.

Lancelottie Wed 22-Jul-09 15:50:27

Just doing the maths here...


Nope, I think I was only 33 weeks with DD, sorry (though I did have some trouble getting my wetsuit on)

usernametaken Wed 22-Jul-09 23:07:50

Thanks for the replies... we'll check the weather before we go and then decide!
DD would live in a tent given the chance so we could just pitch it in the garden for her instead!
I think we'll decide closer to our free weekends.

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