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Camp Bestival - Swine Flu - Am pregnant - Should I still go? - Please help

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Stigaloid Wed 22-Jul-09 09:49:43

Am in two minds as to what to do with regards to this weekend. Have bought a one day ticket for Saturday for my DH and DC and I to go to Camp Bestival. We are staying in a local Premier Inn for the night as no camping tickets were left. Am looking forward to it but am pregnant and as there seems to be advice that pregnant women and children under 5 should avoid crowded places I do not know whether to try and sell my ticket or just go.

Advice appreciated.


SetSquare Wed 22-Jul-09 09:51:13

Hmm i woudl think twice tbh

GiraffeAHolic Wed 22-Jul-09 09:53:29

I don't think I would risk it to be honest. Camps aren't the cleanest of places at the best of times.

But depends how you personally weigh up the risks.

Stigaloid Wed 22-Jul-09 10:13:50

yeah - was thinking the same thing. Am gutted as really looking forward to taking my son.

Smosma Wed 22-Jul-09 11:16:25

Obviously it's your choice, but for what it's worth I'm heading for a long weekend at the WOMAD festival tomorrow - 3 nights camping. I'm 19 weeks pregnant and am taking my 17 month old. And my GP friend says she's very glad to see someone behaving sensibly... And at least you'll be in the open air not on a crowded train or tube? I'd go and have fun

Stigaloid Wed 22-Jul-09 11:59:03

Gah! I totally agree with you Smosma and am 19 weeks too but then another part of me agrees with the 'don't go's' At the moment if i cancel i lose £80 on a ticket. If we go we then have to pay for the premier inn and other incidentals (food, petrol etc) so would cost more to go. Am happy to pay for this but not at the risk of getting a virus. But then i also don't want to miss out on an amazing family day out because I am getting scare-mongered by the media.

hmmm - may have to log on to the 2:30 live chat with Andy Burham and ask his advice....

Stigaloid Wed 22-Jul-09 15:56:58

Have decided to cancel. Son has a slight cold at the moment and don't want to risk it. Absolutely gutted as really looking forward to this. DH not too bothered as not a festival type so was only doing this for me. Will take DC to local farm to see pets and we can watch Mr Tumble on TV. Sigh. Thanks for advice ladies x

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