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junior kampa beds

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loubylou66 Wed 22-Jul-09 08:58:32

Have just ordered one for DS2 aged 2 on the premise that it would be a good long term buy but it's very very big, in fact I could probably sleep on it myself... Anybody used one for a toddler and was it ok ? If not I'm probably going to have to fork out a lot on return postage !!!Any advice welcomed, thanks Louise

FlappyTheBat Wed 22-Jul-09 11:14:27

I loved ours, and would have used them this year for dd1 - 4 and dd2 - nearly 2, however both of them deflated mysteriously one night, couldn't see any punctures but wouldn't stay inflated so ended up binning themsad

Mystery solved when I saw some pictures that my father had taken when they visited us one camping trip.

There was my rather large father, lying over both beds, playing with my dd's and encouraging dd1 to jump up and down on her bed.

It clearly stated "do not lie on sides", he chose to ignore this.

dd2 was not quite 1 when we first put her in her Kampa, so your ds should be fine, just make sure that he doesn't use it as a trampoline!

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