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Legal advice on caravan damaged by neighbour

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BlueSmarties Tue 21-Jul-09 22:21:12

On the off chance hoping there is a caravan expert here who can help.

Friends caravan been damaged by neighbour's car reversing into it. Neighbour has admitted it and offered £50 - not close to covering cost of repair.

I used to work in insurance - big yawn - and reckon they can claim against neighbours motor policy as 'damage to thrid party property'. Sadly caravan not insured in its own right.

Before friend kicks up a fuss does any knowledgeable person agree with me? And if neighbour flatly refuses to give insurance details can she approach police? I'm guessing that's what would happen if say it was her car or garden wall that was damaged.


fishie Tue 21-Jul-09 22:23:16

not worth having a war with neighbour. what is real cost and what is stopping your friend from telling them that?

ZoeC Tue 21-Jul-09 22:35:01

As the neighbour has admitted liability, are they likely to refuse their insurance details if the repair is a lot more? Sounds like they are trying to be reasonable, if a little unrealistic about repair costs.

To answer your question, I would expect their car insurance would cover damage they have caused.

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