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I'm back, from........

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the brink of nearly being blown away on Friday night. That was a windy oneshock.

As I lay in my manically rocking tent listening to the pissing rain and swearing never to camp again, I also said a prayer of thanks to Rob Orr and his fantastic pegs.

Seriously, come morning quite a few metal and allegedly 'sturdy' plastic pegs had popped clear out of the ground, and travelled quite a distance in some cases, but not a single Delta budged a millimeter, though one was badly warped when I took them out.

Other things of note, wooden mallets give you far less blisters than rubber handled ones, the camp shop in Norwich will deliver a replacement air bed incredibly quickly and should you be over that side of country BeWILDerwood is amazing.

Anyway, it's nice to be back, how are you all?

BelleAtrix Mon 20-Jul-09 20:28:25

Congrats on surviving Friday! It was wet enough just sat in the house wink

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