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Best and Cheapest camping chairs?

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Cesario Mon 20-Jul-09 14:27:52

Where is woolies when you need it!

Cesario Mon 20-Jul-09 16:05:44


bunnyrabbit Mon 20-Jul-09 16:11:39

Saw some in ASDA but no idea what they were like...

Cesario Mon 20-Jul-09 17:29:05

Halfords doing two for £20

DottyDot Mon 20-Jul-09 17:37:59

The Usefulshop (new swedish type shop) in Manchester is doing them for £4.99 - they've got lots of camping stuff cheap at the moment.

Lucycat Mon 20-Jul-09 18:23:45

Do you want the best or the cheapest?

best somehting like a Lafuma is meant to be fab. We have these Royal chairs but we paid half that price.

or you can pick a chair up in Tesco for less than a tenner!

tassisssss Mon 20-Jul-09 18:25:04

Mountain warehouse has a lovely floral one for (I think)£7.99. I'm going to get one.

LadyOfWaffle Mon 20-Jul-09 18:26:30

Tesco - mine were £2.99 without arms (very handy) and they were about £4 something with arms.

Cesario Mon 20-Jul-09 18:41:01

There were none in tesco when I went

Goober Mon 20-Jul-09 20:01:04

I got the Tesco ones. £2.99 with arms and a bag. 3 legged stools for kids 75p each. None instore now but the pairs are online for about £8.

Goober Mon 20-Jul-09 20:06:45


Cesario Mon 20-Jul-09 20:08:23

out of stock

Goober Mon 20-Jul-09 20:16:48


How about this?

Cesario Mon 20-Jul-09 20:18:49

will pop down to my localone

Cesario Mon 20-Jul-09 20:18:49

will pop down to my localone

Cesario Mon 20-Jul-09 20:19:02

ta goober

Goober Mon 20-Jul-09 20:22:14

Or.... this one?

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