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Folding chairs and hot liquids: a WARNING (with photos!)

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thingamajig Thu 16-Jul-09 22:40:05

Thought I ought to tell all the campers about my accident at Glastonbury. I had boiled a pan of water for DD's porridge and my tea, poured hot water into my cup and put it in the drinks holder of my chair (you know the sort), then sat down. It flipped up and managed to spill over both my shoulder and thigh.
When I think about it it was a pretty stupid thing to do, but I am thanking God that DD was safely in her pushchair at the time, it was horrible. Nurse reckons I will be scarred for life, it went through lots of layers of skin.
Photos on profile.

Lilyloo Thu 16-Jul-09 22:43:44

thinga shock

Alambil Thu 16-Jul-09 22:49:33


lisad123 Thu 16-Jul-09 22:50:17


Soups Thu 16-Jul-09 22:53:36

I think they're can holders rather than all purpose drinks holders. Oouch hope you're not in too much pain.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Fri 17-Jul-09 09:48:36

ouch ! i have just bought a couple of chairs i will put a note on em strictly for cans or bottles .

TheChilliMooseisOnTheLoose Fri 17-Jul-09 09:57:30

Ouch you poor thing. Your daughter is very cute though.

RubberDuck Fri 17-Jul-09 10:05:24

Our chairs have a "NOT FOR HOT DRINKS" label on those holders already, presumably because of similar situations Poor you, that sounds very painful.

bunnyrabbit Fri 17-Jul-09 10:42:55


Sending soothing virtual cool gel pack your way..

ButterbeerAndLemon Fri 17-Jul-09 11:05:18

Ouch! Are you still in a lot of pain?

Ouch! Did you have to leave Glastonbury early?

troutpout Fri 17-Jul-09 11:26:45

shockoh blimey...that looks really painful
You poor thing.
Hope you feel better soon

thingamajig Fri 17-Jul-09 20:50:59

Didnt leave Glasto early, too much fun for that. It was very sore for a few days but lots better now, three weeks on. I noticed a no hot drinks tag on someone else's chair, after the event, so I guess this happens lots. Funny, I usually find warnings about hot drinks pointless and patronising.
I was surprised how much damage a normal cup of tea could cause though, that could happen anywhere. My tea drinking habit has been pretty curtailed ever since.

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