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Recommend me a self inflating mat. anyone got the Vango or Gelert ones?

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mackerel Wed 15-Jul-09 20:36:48

I've looked online at the Gelert xpedition double, Vango double and Outwell. Can't affored thermarest or airics. Is the 5cm thickness better than the 3cm? Vango is shorter and narrower but deeper, whereas gelert is apparently from the same factory as the 'market leader' (Thermarest??) but only 3cm deep. also, people are saying they slip off them - how essentail is the non-grip thing? Off a week on Sat. for a fortnight with our 4 DC and a dodgy leg/ hip problem so really need to sleep well! Thanks.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Wed 15-Jul-09 21:44:31

I got soem high gear ones - they are wide enough and i havent slipped of but they are only 2.5cm, i got them for £4.99 each as they were wrongly advertised - im now thinking of selling on ebay to get somethign thicker as they dont feel that substantial to give me a good nights sleep. I woud think you need a min 5cm/ Id e interested to hear what cheapies anyone else has that do the job.

mackerel Thu 16-Jul-09 10:55:13

Thanks Nappyz. anyone else? Please/ need to buy today.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 16-Jul-09 11:00:00

tesco had som inflatable airbeds on offer and i know there only cheap in go outdoors so if you have a pump that plugs into your car i think they would be more comfy in hind sight but then its all about car weight and room etc... i dunno perhaps im talking out of me botty grin

troutpout Thu 16-Jul-09 12:32:23

The aldi ones aren't bad you know...if you can find an aldi with some left
They are as wide as my fat airic (might be slightly wider actually) and about 5cm thick (not quite as fat as my airic)... not as boingy and comfy but still very good value for money. Not sure about an adult for 2 weeks on em (well def not me with my achey hip) but certainly Ok for kids for 2 weeks...mine have both been fine on them.
Could you scrimp a bit on kids mats and get yourself something a bit more heavyweight ?

mackerel Thu 16-Jul-09 20:33:19

heavy weight? do you mean an airbed or sim??

troutpout Fri 17-Jul-09 11:20:26

No..i meant something substantial (nice and thick) and with a good reputation for being comfy. It will be costly but you could save money on the kids ones perphaps and so could then afford to get something really decent for yourself (for your dodgy leg/hip)

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