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Camping 2009

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taczilla Fri 10-Jul-09 22:58:08

Could we have a thread where anyone who has camped or is camping this summer gives feedback on where they went so that others can do a search and get some information. I am going to Quiberon and would love to hear from anyone who has been.

FantasticMissFox Sat 11-Jul-09 13:38:15

Sounds like a good idea. I have just got back from 5 weeks camping (no children with me thankflly!) all over the south west if anyone needs any advice!!

taczilla Sat 11-Jul-09 20:57:32

5 weeks have you turned feral? It usually takes my son 5 mins and me ages I love camping but tend to do it in a genteel fashion however I would imagine 5 weeks would put an end to that. I remember looking at my newly made up face in Australia after weeks in the outback and thought I had dragged up.

That was in the days when I could not wear make up mind you.

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