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Latitude festival - anyone else going?

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cthea Fri 10-Jul-09 21:05:00

Just wondering how many bearded men in stripy trousers juggling crystals will in fact be MNers DHs

worley Fri 10-Jul-09 21:08:18

i heard edith bowman on radio1 talking about going with her baby in a backpack carrier.
i live locally and not going, wasnt impressed with the line up this year

cthea Fri 10-Jul-09 21:10:43

I haven't heard of 90% of the line up but love Nick Cave and wanted to take the kids camping somehwere where we don't have to cook.

zanz1bar Fri 10-Jul-09 21:29:17

Nick cave a bit like marmite..... no.
But the pretenders...oh yes

I'm going with Dc, dh cant stand all that tie dye in the over 40's.
But think I will take grandparents caravan as the idea of our own lockable private loo is just too good.

Best quote over heard last year ' no tabitha thats daddys yakult'

worley Fri 10-Jul-09 22:36:37

is it good for the kids? i have a 1o yr old ds1 and a 3 yr old ds2, i did think of taking them for the day but not sure about it,maybe i will go next year then, i would love to have been able to afford to hire a teepee but its way out of my budget. locals get free tickets to keep them all sweet with the traffic and noise!

zanz1bar Sat 11-Jul-09 09:47:08

This local had to pay and I haven't heard of anyone not directly involved who got free tickets.

But it is good for the kids, loads to do at all ages, safety a top priority and very friendly.

My tickets arrived this morning.

worley Sat 11-Jul-09 11:59:56

really? bu bf got free tickets for her family? maybe as they are next to it they did? this year she is helping direct the traffic in the car park and then can go in for free to. her kids cant wait.

zanz1bar Sat 11-Jul-09 21:59:37

if she is directing traffic , then she earns her ticket, believe me they don' t give them out for free.

worley Sat 11-Jul-09 22:39:04

but they did on the previous years as the noise carried over to her and her neighbours, who got tickets too, she is on the edge blythburgh.

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