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Talk to me of lamps that run on paraffin

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Such as this one.

Why is it so cheap? Is the light as pretty as gas? Where do I buy paraffin?

I have to get a lamp tomorrow do I get that one or this one?.

I really like the hissy gas noise thing though.

Hmmm <<ponders, awaits assistance>>

Dare I risk this purchase without the weight of mn camping widom behind me?

<<wavers, indecisive>>

No-one has knowledge of the paraffin lamp?sad

oranges123 Thu 09-Jul-09 14:21:25

We have paraffin hurricane lamps. They are lovely for glamping as the light is a soft glow and goes great with bunting and lots of throws. Filling them up with paraffin oil can be a bit messy if you are clumsy like me and they can be a bit leaky if they get knocked over in the car or tent say. The Campinggaz gas ones provide a stronger light and pack up smaller if you get the ones where you can remove the gas container.

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