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mzmum Wed 08-Jul-09 20:29:33

I will say no more............

(as Alpkit have politely asked that we don't tell anyone!!!!!)
But I'm being kind as I got my Fat ones last time round and was very appreciative of MNers letting me know....

mzmum Wed 08-Jul-09 20:31:38

PS. have just ordered a Wee one for DS as the Fatties are brilliant!!!!

Glitterknickaz Wed 08-Jul-09 20:33:20

I couldn't possibly say that I've just ordered two fatties, oh no.

wiggletastic Wed 08-Jul-09 20:45:40

I was on the waiting list and I have ordered two to go with my lovely new (well, not quite new) tent that I am getting from another MNer next week. grin

Very good marketing tool this waiting list thing IMO. hmm

kiwibella Wed 08-Jul-09 21:04:24

you know what... we recently noticed that we had lost the stopper from one end. We also lost one strap sometime ago. Dh phoned them up and they sent both, arrived next day, free of charge grin

They are seriously the best things ever.

Looster Wed 08-Jul-09 23:22:46

also v excited to have bought two fat ones today!

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Thu 09-Jul-09 08:08:47

envy i want one.

wiggletastic Fri 10-Jul-09 19:57:28

They are here!!!

DH is currently lying on the floor on his watching the cricket instead of making my dinner. angry

He says it is very comfy. grin

Glitterknickaz Fri 10-Jul-09 20:45:06

mine are here too!
ohhh they're lovely to lie on

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