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What do you sleep on?

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Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Wed 08-Jul-09 18:36:57

We have a double airbed thingy that takes an age to pump up - was looking at those hi gear (cheapy brand) self inflating mat things - are they much comfortabler than a foam mat ? Anyone care to enlighten me on your comfort equipment. smile

supersalstrawberry Wed 08-Jul-09 18:41:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Wed 08-Jul-09 18:43:34

yes my airbed is failry comfy but was wanting something less heavy as comfortable and requiring less effort at tuther end when i go alone with the dc's. I do like them ones that turn into a sofa though grin

supersalstrawberry Wed 08-Jul-09 18:49:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VanillaPumpkin Wed 08-Jul-09 18:55:01

We sleep on Fat Airics smile

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Wed 08-Jul-09 18:59:19

vanilla so they are ok then - the hi gear one does look a bit slim so im bound to keep rolling of it....

VanillaPumpkin Wed 08-Jul-09 19:05:38

I love my Fat airics but I think they are out of stock again at the moment sad. I am on the waiting list to get two more for the dd's (as we only bought for us grown ups). I sleep very well on mine. I hate blow up mattresses though. DH bounces me about (and not in a good way wink).

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Wed 08-Jul-09 19:49:28

My airbed always feels cold - i want something as comf but warmer - you knwo like a proper bed in a hotel lol!

troutpout Wed 08-Jul-09 19:53:41

We used to have a coleman comfort airbed...which was much more comfortable than any airbed i've had before
we are fat airic converts
We had the most comfortable nights sleep ever camping when we took them on our last trip.
Kids sleep on Aldi self inflators

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Wed 08-Jul-09 20:11:26

is ana ldi self inflator the same thing?

troutpout Wed 08-Jul-09 20:18:24 just undo a cap and let it inflate by itself.
Once inflated you do up the caps to keep the air in.
I found the fat airic much thicker and more comfy than the aldi ones though (no hip pain in morning)

Mung Wed 08-Jul-09 22:19:53

I have just got back from a camping trip and slept on this camp bed. Both DH and I loved it and slept really well, much better than on an air bed. They are heavy and my friend really didn't like it at all, but it may be worth trying one whilst they are in the sale.

Surfermum Wed 08-Jul-09 22:22:01

Nappyzone do you insulate underneath? I normally put a roll mat, then blanket, then mattress, then blanket, then sleeping bag. Did you know the cold comes up from the ground?

But I too have gone over to a fat airic, although haven't used it yet.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Wed 08-Jul-09 22:24:35

ussedone of those camp beds in my TA days. I used be really cold on them. I was under the illusion less space for air more heat from the earth.

louiserogers Sat 11-Jul-09 16:43:29

black self inflating mat - deluxe, and new this yr a sheepskin mat - heaven!!

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