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Norfolk/East Anglia camping

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milkycuntalinasgone Mon 06-Jul-09 22:29:46

We fancy going east for a few days to meet my parents in August. Any campsite recommendations?

I was thinking 'The Dower House' one looked rather nice, or Ivy Farm. Has anyone been to either of these?

We wanted somewhere reasonably laid on (parents aren't the most resourceful/outdoorsy types), but not havenesque.

Any thoughts?

p.s Did have my heart set on Clippesby hall [sob]

Deepdale is one of my favourite campsites.

It's really small, very quiet, excellent loo's and showers, freezers and a laundry room.

Some how when you are on the site you feel quite remote and yet you enter the site throught a little garage forecourt, on which is a well stocked shop, the most amazing cafe, breakfasts to die for, and rather oddly a Fat Face!grin

Really, really recomended, am going in 5 days again myself.grin

milkyandhoney Tue 07-Jul-09 09:50:52

Thank you it does look lovely smile

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