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Sewn in groundsheets, any thoughts?

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Thatsnotmyfairy Mon 06-Jul-09 12:14:58

Hi all

Having spent weeks researching the purchase of our first big family tent we finally decided on a Vango Colorado 600 dlx. We found one cheaply online but I refused to buy online until I'd seen one up so we went off to a tent show. Loved the look of it and put in our order.

When it arrived we watched the instruction DVD and found that the model we'd ordered had a separate groundsheet. Seems we had inadvertently ordered the 2008 model. Didn't realise as the one that we'd seen at the show didn't say that it was the 2009 model or any other kind of model, just a 600 dlx and we assumed they were all the same.

Anyways, it's going to cost me a fortune to send it back and have the 2009 model with sewn in groundsheet delivered so I just wondered if anyone had experience of both sewn in and separate groundsheets and what the benefits and drawbacks are of both. I keep hearing that separate groundsheets let all the creepy crawlies in and I definitely can't have that!

Thanks in advance for any input.

Slubberdegullion Mon 06-Jul-09 12:20:10

You know there is much talk of sigs keeping bugs out, but all the time I camped as a child (with standard canvas frame tent and bit of plastic grounsheet on the floor) I have no recollection of being inundated with masses of creepy crawlies.

The tent we have atm has a sig, which is lovely and snug (esp in the bastard british weather) but when the sun shines <phew> it gets hot (and it's a canvas tent).

Next one we get I'll not bother with a sig. I can cope with a few ants for the pay off of having a nice breeze coming through.

MUCH easier to clean as awell

worzella Mon 06-Jul-09 12:22:29

I suspect that the creep crawlies would get in regardless! However, our separate groundsheet on our Vango (I think it was a Colorado too) lets water in - only when it's been really raining - but even so..... for the last 2 years we've been flooded out on the inside. So we've ditched that tent and bought a Vango Nile that does have a sewn in groundsheet. So far, it's been more sucessful!

Thatsnotmyfairy Mon 06-Jul-09 12:59:16

Sounds like there are benefits and drawbacks to both and it's a bit dependent on the Great British weather! Maybe I should get the one with the SIG and hope that sod's law means that the sun will then shine...

Thanks for the responses.

troutpout Mon 06-Jul-09 13:06:42

mmm....if you really don't want creepy crawlies then i would send it back and get the newer model. I'm not saying that you would never get creepies in with a sig...but it's much less likely (looked at your tent online and it says it does have gaps). We have sigs on both of our tents and also have an insect phobic child. You will kick yourself if it ends up really bothering you.

bunnyrabbit Mon 06-Jul-09 14:05:47

Well we have a Vango Oregon 800 and it has a bathtub groundsheet.

It's a seperate groundsheet which hooks up so you still get ventilation, but don't get water coming in and I don't remember any creepy crawlies coming in either.

Although we did get some water in around the door when we had torrential rain (other people lost their tents completely) this was only because the groundsheet obviously has to be flat by the door. I've rigged up a temp piece which I can hookup around the door to keep draughts and any rivers from coming in!!

The later model of the Oregon, which my friend has, has a SIG, but it does make the tent very stuffy and you have to have a footprint so that you protect the SIG from damage and getting dirty.

Horses for courses really.


bunnyrabbit Mon 06-Jul-09 14:09:33

Just googled yours and it looks like it has the same ground sheet as mine.

Do you mean that you ordered from the show or from the Internet?

The 2008 model is considerably cheaper now than the new 2009 model.


Thatsnotmyfairy Mon 06-Jul-09 17:32:38

Thanks again for all the responses.

Bunnyrabbit - we ordered from the internet. The model on display at the show didn't mention that it was a 2009 model and a lot of the online shops didn't make that distinction either. We read up on what we now know is the 2009 model and then shopped around for the cheapest price online. When we ordered we (somehow!) didn't spot that it was the 2008 model. I should have realised that the price was too good to be true but the online shop says I'm not the first person to go back to them with the same problem so it's obviously not made that clear.

Am so disappointed because this was a big investment for us and I refused to buy online without having seen the tent up first so we could be sure we got one that was perfect for us and I feel like we've really slipped up!

manitz Mon 06-Jul-09 17:47:49

hi, we lloked at tents a few years ago it was raining, the ones with sigs were sopping and diff to get water out so we went for a bathtub removable g sheet. its fine but cold in cold weather as a bit drafty in the evening. new kid meant new tent so went for sig but with a porch with removable g sheet. if you don't have a porch i'd prob stick with removable but if you have a porch get the sig. imo

Surfermum Mon 06-Jul-09 17:56:05

We did similar, we bought the one we liked as it was a really good price only to realise that a newer model was being brought out with a SIG.

We've come to the conclusion that we are happy with our tent because the main living area does get quite grubby and gets crumbs, sand, grass etc on it.

The bedroom pods themselves have SIGs and we're strict about no shoes in there.

It means that we can be less strict about getting the living area groundsheet muddy or dirty. We take our groundsheets and give them a good hose down at the end of our trips and I'd imagine that a SIG is harder to clean. We just hose it off and hang it over the washing line.

Last year was particularly bad for rain etc, and although we did get some little puddles, considering how much rain fell it really wasn't a problem, and it was more to do with the design of our actual tent that non-SIGs in general maybe.

I can't say I've noticed insects inside, so that's not an issue for us.

And when it's been really hot ... as it will be this summer grin ... it's been great as we can lift up the sides of the tent.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Mon 06-Jul-09 18:30:08

I am looking at tents with sig but now wondering if its such a good idea when grass and stuff is blown in and then i spend an age brushing the floor like i have done in the sig sleeping pods. Am now looking at a lokon vario 6 with bucket ground sheets and thinking at least i can shake em out at the end of my trip.

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Mon 06-Jul-09 18:34:50

Buckets are fab but in all honesty have never ahd an issue with grass etc being blown in due to the lip sectiona round the door.

We do take a dustpan and brush though for general tudyn ups

We camped a few years back and left the groundsheet out of the porch. My Lord! I dont remember the bugs as a child but I did then..... shock

Surfermum Mon 06-Jul-09 18:53:46

I don't find it blows in, more comes in attached to dh, dd and dsd grin.

TsarChasm Mon 06-Jul-09 19:00:44

Don't sigs keep the rain and water out then?

We don't have one on our tent, but I've always sort of wanted one and thought we'd probably get it whenever we next get another tent.

Once during a nasty session of rain (I know, unusual in this countrywinkhmm) the wind blew a load or rain under the tent and the groundsheet was soaking wet with a little pond on it in the morning. I assumed a sig would stop all that.

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Mon 06-Jul-09 19:14:13

I think they do, Tsarchasm

Buckets are just as good I find, but i'd never have a non- SIG / bucket myself

DS2 had his first experience of camping in a canvas ridge non-SIG at cubs this weekend- grin. Or should I say evil grin as his bedding was soaked on the first night and wouldn't dry out!

BR an you not hook up the door pievce of your bucket? I know you can on some wynnsters

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Mon 06-Jul-09 19:17:05

Sorry a few more things-

If you get a SIG get a foorprint: thhe only downside IMO is that if you damage a normal groundsheet you bin and replace, a SIG you lose the tent. A foorprint protects against stones etc and helps with resale also

If the tents in a store were sopping that's usually as doors are left open on dispaly so rain blows in. Mostly one shts their own tent doors surely?

there used to be a ahrdcore no sigs please group on MN led by MB, but tehose declaring love for the feel of grass in the morning (yuck) have now disappeared

TsarChasm Mon 06-Jul-09 19:30:04

Bucket ground sheets? Do they hook up onto the tent but allow ventilation?

zanz1bar Mon 06-Jul-09 20:20:55

I got an eco mat<the one that looks like green mesh> and used that as a ground sheet.
It was very succesful, warm to walk on, thick enough to lie above tei grass and when dc split (all) thier drinks, it just drained away.
But it has only rained one night, so have yet to really test it out.

TsarChasm Mon 06-Jul-09 20:37:22

We have those eco mats but during heavy rain the water came up through them. It was soaked so we went and bought a waterproof groundsheet.

Lol...It sounds like all it does is rain when I go camping doesn't it?! grin

rachaelsara Mon 06-Jul-09 20:51:14

Our cheapo ebay tent hasn't got a sig and our jack russells can (and do) escape!

LoveBuckets Mon 06-Jul-09 20:55:01

Essential imo. We loved our Khyam which went up in minutes but the separate groundsheet meant that there was twice the pegging time. Never again. Just remember to take a dustpan and brush with you when you camp.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Mon 06-Jul-09 20:58:32

back to buckets - do they come with the tent as in tent with bucket gsheets or do you buy them seperate and somehow magically apply hooks to your tent or soemthing (completely dense smiliey face). Does anyone have a lokon vario 6 as im pondering one 2nd hand and wondering what gs come with it if any?

Thatsnotmyfairy Mon 06-Jul-09 22:46:45

Well, after reading all the pros and cons I think we're going to stick with our 2008 model. We've watched the instruction DVD again and the groundsheet is definitely a bucket one that hooks onto the flysheet and by the looks of things it's also got a lip at the entrance to the tent so that should help stop any torrential rain from flooding in. Not that we'll need it because the summer's going to be gorgeous grin

bunnyrabbit Tue 07-Jul-09 09:01:52

LOL of course it is!!

No lip on mine I'm afraid but I'm not bothered.

Not sure if you can buy bucket GS seperately (mine came with the tent). If so, it would prob have to be specific to your tent cos it would obviously have to hook up to something and in the right places IYSWIM.

Have a look at one of the camping forums like If you post on the tent forum someone more knowledgeable is bound to be able to help.


PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Tue 07-Jul-09 09:37:30

Nappy pretymuch, yes- they have a deeep rim so they sit IYSWIM in the tent

LoveBucktes- Khyam now do QE's with SIGs DH tells me.

i've never sen a sepaarte bucket tbh

ECo-mats- some campsites demand trhese now for certain pitches. As we travel with asd kids we need the SIG to stop escapes but the 'best' (seafront) pitches on sites such as pentewan require an ecomat

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