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Canvas holidays in Picardy/Normandy?

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MegBusset Sun 05-Jul-09 20:59:03

Just wondering if anyone could recommend a Canvas site in Picardy or Normandy -- I'm wondering if I can persuade DH to go next year, when the DC will be 1 and 3. Would like somewhere very near a nice sandy beach, with good onsite facilities (especially a toddler-friendly pool, fresh baguettes and frites!). I think we wouldn't want to be too far from the ferry for our first holiday, hence looking at the north coast.

Would consider Keycamp or others too, but all my childhood holidays were with Canvas so I have a high opinion of them.


Not been personally but parents have been several times to Guines, just outside Calais. Not sure on facilities but do know they prefer smaller quieter sites. Pool would have to be suitable for my dad to paddle in as he can't swim.

I can recomend Berny Riviere (Camping la croix du Vieux Pont) for babies/toddlers. It's less then 3 hrs from Calais, easy to get to on toll roads, perfect for travelling with little uns. Massive toddler pool, takeaway, lots of little park areas and although not near beach, the site does have a artificial one round one of the many lakes. Just right for playing around with a bucket and spade smile. We've been 2 years running in September. DD was only 10 months the 1st time and she had a ball.

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