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Khyam Harewood - anyone has one? pls tell me your experience.

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wishingwell Sat 04-Jul-09 19:45:06

Hi all,

Done loads of camping in our trusted Quasar before the arrival of dd who's 18mths now. Would love to initiate her and wondering what's the best 4-6 man family tent to go for? Is the Khyam Harewood any good? We need to have something that's easy to pitch as I'm a titch and not very strong blush. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.


DottyDot Sat 04-Jul-09 20:05:52

We've got a 4 berth Khyam and I love it. I've taken ds's on my own camping and been able to put the tent up in about 30 mins (should be able to do it much quicker!) and dp and I together can pitch it in about 10 mins.

It's easy peasy because the poles are built in and it's lovely and big.

I don't have any experience of any other tents but this one seems perfect for 4 people and can definitely be put up by one person!

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